Meifun Yan

By Fauna

  • Name

    Meifun Yan   pron: may-foon yahn

  • Age

    24 (Birthday: February 14)

  • Short Description

    A singer at the Shao Pai Long, also working as a police informant. She's attractive but always has a trick up her sleeve.


  • Nickname


  • Birthday

    February 14

  • Occupation

    Singer, informant

  • Gender


  • Family

    Zhazhi Yan (mother)
    Zhufei Yan (father)
    Shala Yan (sister)
    Pang Wei Xue (foster father)

  • Physical Description

    Medium height, and of curvy build. Long, straight black hair, and a small mole on her chin.

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    Soft, chirpy, and alluring.

  • Back Story

    Growing up with a family of dentists, she was pressured to follow the same path, but her desire to sing led to her mother throwing her out. She was taken in by Pang Wei until she got back on her feet, and is now the ever-seductive lead performer at Westbury's Chinese-themed bar.

  • Ongoing Story

    She's decided she doesn't like Jack Arthur, at least not romantically, but wants to make sure he doesn't get himself mauled by criminals.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Roses, grooming herself, music, movie night with Papa Xue
    Dislikes: Smokers, people with bad hygiene, jean jackets, Pinhead Miyamoto


  • Meifun Yan


    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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