Lucas O'Hare

By Fauna

  • Name

    Lucas O'Hare

  • Age

    25 (Birthday: August 11)

  • Short Description

    An employee of the Oasis Casino and Palshikar Group, working with his lover Ezra. A pampered brat who just wants to be successful in life.


  • Birthday

    August 11

  • Occupation

    Roulette wheel operator, hitman

  • Gender


  • Significant Other

    Ezra Palshikar (dating)

  • Family

    Amelia O'Hare (mother)
    Brian Dubois (father)

  • Physical Description

    Short, slim and gangly. Has long black bangs that he styles extensively.

  • Personality

    Fussy, particular, and rather effeminate. Fights like a wild animal when cornered.

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    Perky and light, but sometimes a little squeaky.

  • Back Story

    The heir of a very wealthy family, he was cut off from funds until he could find a more reliable job rather than a poet, like he wanted. He met Ezra by accident, and wound up becoming close enough with him and working with him.

  • Ongoing Story

    After a run-in with Pang Wei and Jack, he and Ezra were sent to jail, but they're still next in line to control the Oasis Casino and still want revenge.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Ezra, designer clothes, vodka, various body parts of Ezra
    Dislikes: Not getting his way, spiders, soft drinks, Bijali Palshikar


  • Lucas O


    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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