Ezra Palshikar

By Fauna

  • Name

    Ezra Palshikar

  • Age

    27 (Birthday: July 18)

  • Short Description

    The second-youngest child of the Palshikar family, and an employee of the Oasis Casino. Plain and awkward, he's the muscle of the duo with Lucas.


  • Nickname

    Ejara (by relatives in India)

  • Birthday

    July 18

  • Occupation

    Bouncer, hitman

  • Gender


  • Significant Other

    Lucas O'Hare (dating)

  • Family

    Fahmi Palshikar (grandfather)
    Belouis Palshikar (father)
    Priyana Palshikar (mother)
    Bijali Palshikar (sister)
    Choti Palshikar (brother)

  • Physical Description

    Tall, strong, and well-built. Has a beard and is always seen with spectacles.

  • Personality

    Timid and bookwormish, but mean-spirited and mischievous when at work with Lucas.

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    Deep and soft, but with the slightest cracks.

  • Back Story

    Ezra grew up watching his family fight over control of the casino with the Teller family, and it was a right of passage to become a full member of the family organization. He saved Lucas from walking into traffic, got him a job, and started a wild love affair with him.

  • Ongoing Story

    Despite being sent to jail with Lucas, he still remains devoted to his lineage and wants revenge on Jack Arthur and Pang Wei Xue for hurting his Lukey-Poo.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Lucas, sci-fi novels, his mother's cooking, various illegal substances
    Dislikes: Waiting, Lucas being dramatic, reality TV, fire


  • Ezra Palshikar


    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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