Rachel Turner

By Fauna

  • Name

    Rachel Turner

  • Age

    26 (Birthday: February 5)

  • Short Description

    Jack's reporter ex-girlfriend. Bold and harsh, she'll do anything to get information for her stories, no matter how dangerous or backhanded.


  • Birthday

    February 5

  • Occupation


  • Gender


  • Physical Description

    Tall, curvy, and plus-sized. She has thick, curly red hair splayed out over her shoulders.

  • Personality

    She's very indignant and often arrogant, and it's not hard to make her mad. She prefers to do things her way.

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    Loud and brash, but smooth, with a thick Jersey accent.

  • Back Story

    Coming from a traditional New Jersey family, Rachel graduated from journalism college at 22 and moved to New York City. She met Jack Arthur on a crime scene, and begun regularly pulling police data from him under the impression that they were having an affair. A downward spiral of backhanded moves ensued when Jack found out he was being used, but then one night, Rachel was shot by a drug addict. She survived, blaming Jack for the incident.

  • Ongoing Story

    Rachel has become interested in the story of Pinhead Miyamoto, and is creeping into Westbury in search of the perfect story.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Gameshows, critical acclaim, smoke breaks, Nicki Minaj
    Dislikes: Jack, comments on her body, Jack, police obstructions, Jack, Jack, oranges, Jack


  • Rachel Turner


    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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