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Diego Soto

By Astrozerk

  • Name

    Diego Soto   pron: Dee-Aye-Go Sew-toe

  • Age

    25 before death, 45 after death (Birthday: Sept. 19)

  • Webpage

  • Short Description

    Despite the fact that he's a dead man walking Diego is very kind and honest. He is also shy and very quiet, being self conscious that he has no flesh. He dresses to mostly hide his current features.


  • Nickname

    Boney, Bone head, D

  • Birthday

    Sept. 19

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Necromancer/ Samurai

  • Species

    Human, undead

  • Gender


  • Significant Other


  • Family

    Parents living

  • Physical Description

    Short and boney

  • Personality

    Shy, Reasonable , Deep thinker, Quiet , Perfectionist , Modest

  • Fandom

    Samurai, souls and spirits

  • Voice

    Low, mexican accent

  • Setting

    Alternate Universe of Earth, modern with some futuristic elements and supernatural beings that exist.

  • Back Story

    Diego trained to be a samurai and learned black magic in order to help his poor down from grave digging monsters. This has caused him to sacrific his self when he came face to face with Nidhoggr, a corpse eating dragon.

    Now being brought back to life in a world close to being thrown into chaos, Diego must learn to adjust in this new life and learn his purpose to prevent this chaos and keep the world in balance.

  • Ongoing Story

    Currently revived by 3 cultists, he has been chosen to be the next guardian of a chaotic god in order to maintain a balance between supernatural beings and the non-paranormal.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Quiet time, Martial Arts, Spirits, Mental challenges, Completing anything

    Not completing something, loud noises, People who act before thinking, Dogs, Incisors

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    Connecting with spirits and the undead, planning, organization, dark arts

    Socializing, heavy physical labor, defense, being spontaneous

  • Extra

    Diego was originally a minion named Diablo back in 1999. He wore torn wore attire and was evil. Over time I changed his name to Jack Skully (lol..)

    I eventually made him a good guy and part of a main team in my old story as a side character. That's when he was named Diego and was a samurai. Why? I do not know but I know Final Fantasy X was an inspiration for his earlier clothing.


  • Diego Soto
  • Diego Soto
    Refsheet of Diego
  • Diego Soto
    Diego expressions
  • Diego Soto
    Diego in "Death Wing" mode fighting Nidhogg
  • Diego Soto
    Spell casted on him to return his flesh, weakening him.
  • Diego Soto


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