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Jennifer Yun

By Astrozerk

  • Name

    Jennifer Yun   pron: Jin-nih-fur Yoon

  • Age

    23 (Birthday: May 28)

  • Short Description

    Jennifer is very good natured and enthusiastic. She loves physically challenging obstacles and constantly encourages people she is close to. She is also very strong which is something she often forgets.


  • Nickname

    Jen, Jenny

  • Birthday

    May 28

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Night club waitress

  • Species

    Human, with elemental powers

  • Gender


  • Significant Other


  • Family

    deceased younger sister

  • Physical Description

    Muscular but lean

  • Personality

    Very loyal, Confident, Caring, Over achiever, Goofy, Brave, Outgoing, Enthusiastic

  • Voice

    Loud, a bit deep for a girl, faint korean accent

  • Setting

    Alternate Universe of Earth, modern with some futuristic elements and supernatural beings that exist.

  • Back Story

    Jennifer, like her lifetime friend Jase, was an unpopular kid who used that to her advantage to strive hard and take her opponents by surprise. Later in the years she entered college and joined the school's football team. She became the team's prized player soon from joining.

    Soon after her sister has died from a mysterious illness and ended up quitting and working at a bar with her childhood best friend Jase.

  • Ongoing Story

    Teammate of Diego to help him prevent chaos caused by the revival of the god of chaos.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Dancing, Adrenaline rushes, Telling about herself, Helping others, learning new things

    Vampires, Spiders, Chauvinists, Doing nothing, Silence, Sitting for long periods of time

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    Physical, determination, quick thinking, socializing

    Can be overwhelming and bites off more that she can handle, Patience, remembering, spiders

  • Extra

    Oh man, Jen used to be the typical anime girl with massive boobs, and blonde pig-tails, and knew martial arts. Then I changed her to be a red head, ditsy, roller blading girl...

    Finally I said screw all that and made her korean, with a good head on her shoulders, tomboy, and reduced her breast size.


  • Jennifer Yun
  • Jennifer Yun
  • Jennifer Yun
  • Jennifer Yun
  • Jennifer Yun
  • Jennifer Yun


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