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Damien Nikau Frye

By kloda

  • Name

    Damien Nikau Frye

  • Age

    26 (Birthday: January 13, 1990)


  • Nickname

    Nik, Nikki

  • Birthday

    January 13, 1990

  • Zodiac

    Capricorn, Year of the Snake

  • Occupation

    Sex worker

  • Species


  • Gender


  • Significant Other


  • Family

    Maori mother and American father, divorced from one another
    He was brought to USA with his father as a child
    Has one older sister who lives with their mother

  • Physical Description

    Brown eyes, dark brown hair
    Changes hairstyle constantly, never colors/dyes it
    Fairly tanned skin
    168cm/5'5", 69.2kg/152.6lbs
    Somewhat chubby
    Sparse freckles/moles

  • Personality

    Makes half-serious jokes about dying a lot
    Somewhat pessimistic, tries to keep a good outlook on life but fails most of the time
    Doesn't trust very easily but friendly to everyone around him, even people he hates
    Fairly risk-taking, impulsive, and not very self-controlled
    Blunt and doesn't know how to soften words very well

  • Sexuality

    Demiromantic, pansexual (vers, sub top)

  • Setting

    Modern day, USA

  • Back Story

    His father met his mother on vacation in New Zealand, they married and had their first child, a girl. 3 years later, Nikau was born. His parents began arguing and fighting and split up soon after. Nikau was brought to America with his father while his sister stayed in New Zealand with their mother.

    Nikau started attending college in Las Vegas but either dropped out or failed (or both). He decided to not go back home because of bad relations with his father.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: tattoos, piercings, dogs, fruit, mythology, gore, sex

    Dislikes: having long nails, onions, most cooked vegetables, politics

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    Good agility, not perturbed easily, picks up languages easily, excellent aim

    Low stamina, fairly weak, bad at public speaking, reckless, farsighted

  • Extra

    Masochistic, has anxiety, depression, and insomnia
    Suffers from frequent dissociation and derealization episodes
    Autistic, occasionally non-verbal

    Uses "lmao" in texts but actually means something more like "i'm dead inside"
    Same with "lmfao," means "fucking kill me already"


  • Damien Nikau Frye
  • Damien Nikau Frye
  • Damien Nikau Frye
    please let him die
  • Damien Nikau Frye
    a furry his whole life
  • Damien Nikau Frye
    rinmaru anime boys dress up game
  • Damien Nikau Frye
    my friend suggested i use a doll maker
  • Damien Nikau Frye
    because i was too lazy to draw at that moment
  • Damien Nikau Frye
    and i made too many lmfao
  • Damien Nikau Frye
    rinmaru star wars avatar creator


  • Does your character collect anything?

    Eos lip balm, small polished rocks, pointless things found on the road

  • Allergies?


  • Kind of clothing?

    Tight pants or jogger pants, loose long sleeve shirts, t shirts, and tank tops. Hoodies. Combat boot styled shoes or flats

  • Favorite animal?

    Large dogs and sharks

  • Least favorite animal?


  • What element would they be?


  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Which animal would they be?

    He's a goddamn furry thats what he is

  • Socioeconomic level?

    Lower middle class

  • Socioeconomic level as a child?

    Middle class

  • Patience level?

    Lower than average

  • Favorite foods?

    Fruit, curry, chewy gummies, hangi cooked foods

  • Dream place to live?

    Maybe New Zealand?

  • Mode of transportation?

    Bus, car, boat, dislikes airplanes

  • Pets?

    Always wanted a dog as a child but never got one

  • Weapon

    Combat knives and handguns

  • Smells like?

    Sometimes rust and gunpowder

  • How do they feel about love?

    It's something you have to be careful with

  • Least favorite color?

    Neon colors

  • Home town?

    Tokomaru Bay, New Zealand

  • Where they live now?

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • Makes a living by?

    Working part-time at a fetish club, activities in the gang

  • Jung Personality Type?


  • Fears or phobias?

    General paranoia, trypophobia, claustrophobia, dentists, being ridiculed, probably a lot more but i haven't looked any up

  • Race, ethnicity and nationality?

    Maori, half white, New Zealand citizen, USA inherited citizen

  • What turns them on?

    Non-sexual: Crossdressing, tattoos, body piercings, scratching, bondage, blood, being dominated, biting. Sexual: Being filmed, orgasm denial, oviposition, rape-play, sounding, exhibitionism, knotting/tying, watersports, edging, bukkake, facials

  • What turns them off?

    Non-sexual: Excessive body hair, lice, strong body odors, zoosadism, snot/mucus. Sexual: scat, necrophilia, loli/shotacon

  • Religious and to what extent? Any spiritual beliefs?

    Non-religious and non-spiritual but loves mythology

  • Kind of student if they attend/were to attend school? (e.g. class clown, straight A)

    Excelled through elementary school but never learned how to study. Procrastination and loss of motivation caused grades to drop sharply in middle school and high school, depression and anxiety caused attendance to drop as well

  • Random fact!

    This started off as a self-insert and now it's not lmao, he's like... only 22% a self-insert now. Update: thats a lie he's like...mostly a self-insert rip

  • What ONE item would they take to an uninhabited island?

    Steel knife with flint in the handle

  • Outlook on life?

    Fairly pessimistic

  • What or who inspired you to create them?

    Skype gang rp from charahub

  • Most important person in their life

    Probably Sigalit

  • When did you create this character?

    5 March, 2016

  • What was your character like as a child?

    He refused to wear anything other than those children's hoodies with ears and kigurumis. He was extremely picky and refused to eat things that he wasn't used to, moving suddenly from New Zealand to the USA didn't really help as most everything was cooked differently from how his mother made it. He loved holding hands with anyone and everyone. He would take toys a lot from other children when they weren't looking and stuff them in his hoodie. He didn't speak too often and mostly spoke Maori when he did speak.

  • What (if they can) does your character eat?

    Probably just curry and fruit for dessert. Loves hangi but it isn't easily accessible

  • Do they like the name they were given?

    He doesn't like the name Damien because his father gave it to him and he has bad relations with his father. He loves the name Nikau because it connects him to his mother's culture and it's the only Maori name he has.

  • Nervous habits?

    Leg shaking, counting, bouncing/jumping, pacing

  • Languages spoken

    English, ASL, very little Maori

  • Enneagram type?

    Type 6 (wing 5)

  • Siblings?

    An older sister who lives in New Zealand with his mother

  • Wears jewelry?

    Piercings and earrings, sometimes necklaces

  • Have they ever wanted to commit suicide?

    Yes, frequently

  • As a child, what did they want to be when they grew up?

    Tohuka ta moko

  • Glass half full or half empty?

    Half empty

  • Views on gambling, lying, killing, etc...?

    He knows it's wrong but doesn't exactly care anymore

  • Do they stand up for what they believe in?

    Not often

  • How much do they value money?

    He doesn't care too much about it because he can get along fairly well without much, but it's nice to have.

  • Wants to get married?


  • Wants to have kids, raise a family?


  • What's their one big kink?


  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?


  • Cat or dog person?


  • Is their name a pun of anything?

    Surprisingly no

  • How has their look/design changed over time?

    He was originally only a little bit chubbier than average, but now I've decided he's regular chubby and not average + chub.

  • Are they ticklish?

    Somewhat but he tries to pretend he's not

  • Do they play any instruments?


  • Would they dare kill someone?


  • Body modifications? (Piercings, implants, tattoos etc.)

    Tattoo: one ta moko on stomach/side areas (haven't decided motif or design yet, need to consult tohuka ta moko), two other tattoos (undecided designs), not visible with everyday clothes. Piercings: two lobe, one surface nape, one center tongue, left nipple (horizontal), one pubic, frenum ladder (three bars)

  • Would your character be willing to sacrifice order and sanity to live in a crazy fantasy world where anything was possible, or do all in their power to prevent that from happening?

    He'd go for the fantasy world

  • Can they speak any accents?

    Has a slight New Zealand accent, can imitate an American accent

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