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By GoldenUruz

  • Name


  • Age

    8 (Birthday: 2004)


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  • Physical Description

    His body color consists of a darkened dun, with traditional dark leg markings. Unlike most dun, he exhibits a largely expressive form of the dun factor; boasting highly visible stripping on his legs and stretching from his neck to his hindquarters. Very a-typical to the coloring, Solo's face and dorsal stripe are lighter and perlino in color. More true to his type, he also has a darker dorsal stripe, over, but not blocking out the lighter perlino one beneath it.


  • Personality

    Solo is brave and self-confident. He has a strong dislike for humans, and other unaltered male horses. Growing up on the range roaming with the other wild Mustangs has given this stallion an ornery side, more interested in a fight if he feels threatened.

    He much prefers the company of mares, and intends to return to the wild roving life he is accustomed to.

  • Extra

    Solo is NOT part of Harpg, and is probably not allowed to breed with your fancy mares, but if I have misinterpreted the rules, you are welcome to Note me if you wish to add his 'foundation' lines to your stock.


  • Solo


    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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