😢 We recently moved charahub from Amazon Web Services to the Google Cloud, and during the transition some data was lost between Tuesday and Thursday. Unfortunately this data is non-recoverable, but we have added addition redundency to prevent it happening in the future. Any changes you make now will persist. We're sorry, and thank you for your patience.

Release Notes

Sat 4 May 2013: Thu 2 May 2013:
  • Subscription plan now available - Gold Accounts are $3/month (payment by credit or debit card). Main benefits: create up to 250 characters, upload 25 x 1MB images for each, ongoing access to beta features. Minimum period 1 month. Signup in under a minute.
  • Bugfixes: incorrect labelling of characters when sorted by 'Latest', some missing biographical data (e.g. age, webpage link) when viewing mobile design, uploading 'an image from the internet' was broken.
  • Smartphone/tablet improvements: no need to scroll down when on images/questions/links tabs; easier to go back to top of page again.
Sun 28 Apr 2013:
  • Bugfix: Character privacy settings not being changed when you adjusted them (for about 48 hours).
Sat 27 Apr 2013:
  • Plenty of ongoing changes to improve the ease of use and appearance of the site on smaller screens and devices. (You might need to make your browser window wider to restore the two-page desktop layout).
Thu 25 Apr 2013:
  • Bugfix: Situation where if you removed one of 2 photos, the image remaining wasn't used for the character thumbnail.
  • New design for links/connections.
  • Icons showing hidden/privately shared characters at a glance.
Wed 24 Apr 2013:
  • Groups can now have descriptions.
  • We'll warn you if a file is too big before you upload it.
  • Design/usability improvements to forms on many pages.
Mon 22 Apr 2013:
  • You can now reset your password with your username OR your email address.
  • We're in the process of rolling out full SSL (https://) support across the site.
  • Character questions list tidied, questions reworded and some removed (any you've already answered will still be shown).
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes.
Fri 29 Mar 2013:
  • Bugfix: 'Change Focus' page for images has been rewritten, should resolve some problems with Internet Explorer and should be easier to use. (This wasn't working for 2-3 hours, thanks for bearing with us whilst we tried to troubleshoot a problem that didn't show up during any of the testing.)
  • Bugfix: Erroneous 'Username too short' message when registering.
  • Max username length increased to 20 characters.
  • Bugfix: Copy to clipboard button on referral page fixed.
  • Bugfix: Any single/double quotes & apostrophes in answers now displayed correctly on 'Questions' tab.
Thu 21 Mar 2013:
  • New support email address should you have any problems with your account.
  • Permanently hide questions you're not interested in when editing characters.
  • Bugfixes: Including improvements to handling and display for characters with quotes, brackets and other punctuation.
  • A-Z character sorting now uses surname.
  • We'll warn you if you try to create/rename a character using an existing name.
  • We'll warn you should you switch tabs when editing a character without saving answers to 'Questions' (as already happens in the 'Bio' section).
Wed 13 Mar 2013:
  • Didn't sign up using a referral code? Nominate someone who told you about the site and this will be credited as if you had used theirs.
  • Bugfix: Issue removing favorites.
Tue 12 Mar 2013:
  • New feature - a Referral Code you can use to earn extra characters.
Sun 3 Mar 2013:
  • 'Show password' option when logging in, for convenience.
  • Make it harder to reorder characters/questions by accident on touch devices.
Thu 14 Feb 2013:
  • Performance improvements.
  • Bugfix: remove 'redirect loop' for characters with problematic names.
  • Security: Each time you login, we'll tell you the date and time of your most recent login. We'll email you every time your password is changed.
  • Sorry, but it's no longer possible to include javascript etc. in user profiles. This is entirely for security - the risk is someone could create an account, adding malicious code to their profile which then runs when you view it. However this change affects only a handful of people and any 'safe' HTML is fine, so things like links, images, bold, italic etc. will all still work. We may allow more customisation in future (e.g. certain types of CSS).
  • Bugfix: as result of above, fewer issues when editing your About Me text.
  • Bugfixes: When editing character biography fields, pressing tab won't lose changes, nor switching web browser tab. If you open the Images, Questions or Links tabs we'll add an alert to the top of the screen reminding you to go back and save. You can now edit multiple fields simultaneously.
  • Improvements/bugfix to Favorites - including a 'Favorited by' page.
  • Bugfix: Previous text wasn't shown when editing Likes/Dislikes and Strengths/Weaknesses fields.
Sun 10 Feb 2013:
  • Groups can now be reordered by dragging (from My Characters page).
  • Bugfix: Profiles of certain users (those whose username contained a number) weren't displaying correctly.
Sat 9 Feb 2013:
  • Bugfix: If main character image was narrow, it was being stretched to fill whole width. Now actual size and centered.
  • Characters with an image but without a thumbnail - we now scale the full size image down (the only time you should see the peacock is if a character has no images at all). We recommended you create your own thumbnails by refocusing the image (edit character, go to the Images tab and choose the pen icon).
  • Order of fields in Character biography now saved when you rearrange items by dragging. Currently a different sort order is maintained for each character and you can (you need to) change each one individually.
  • Added Pronunciation field to character profiles.
  • Drag characters to reorder your groups on touchscreen mobile/tablet device (also images).
  • Delete button moved from Hub to character profiles (less fiddly and less chance of pressing accidentally). Dropdown added so you can change character's group directly from here if you wish.
  • Bugfix: Characters on your public profile could have been in the wrong order when sorted by group (despite being correct on Hub). This should be fixed.
  • Improvements to registration form when signing up.