Terms and Conditions (& some advice)

Charahub is a little site that can't afford a lawyer. So here's a few things to keep in mind while using the site:

  • Please don't upload anything illegal. Really, it just gives everyone a headache.
  • Also, no porn. Or anything that is really graphic and would make my mom squeamish.
  • We don't own anything that you upload. It all belongs to you, and if we want to use your property for advertising we will always ask for permission first.
  • If you upload copyright content and we're asked to remove it, we will.
  • Remember all your work is instantly public unless you use the privacy options.
  • We'll always try to keep the site running 24/7, but we certainly can't guarantee it and we're not legally responsible if it goes down.
  • We'll do our very best to take care of your work, but please make your own backups of your characters & images in case anything is ever lost.
  • We only issue refunds for subscriptions at our discretion.
  • Choose a good password, take care of it, don't tell anyone what it is (including us) and make it different from all your other passwords.
  • Please treat staff and other users as you'd wish to be treated.
Nuns at the seaside
Not my mother, but close. Keep that in mind.

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