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Rebecca Calloway

By nscarmona

  • Name

    Rebecca Calloway

  • Age

    16, turns 17 (Birthday: 19th January)


  • Setting

    Outskirts of London, UK

  • Nickname


  • Gender


  • Birthday

    19th January

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Sixth former; Saturday job in H&M

  • Family

    Diane Calloway (50) - mother
    Diane is a long-term English teacher at a grammar school, in the same workplace since prior to Rebecca's birth. Full of love for her family, her way of loving is to provide - neglecting herself completely in the process. The lack of reciprocation leaves her isolated, casually self-loathing and miserable, resorting to binge-eating and overspending (despite the household being heavily in debt). Her and Becca were inseparable, and very, very similar - until her tumultuous relationship with Joe took centre stage. Becca's starting to feel like an afterthought.

    Joe Delaney (54) - father
    Overworked and underpaid, Joe is head chef at a nearby restaurant. Prior to meeting Diane, Joe was twice admitted to rehab for a cocaine addiction, but recovered for the sake of an unborn Thomas. This courageous overcoming of circumstance has left him with control issues and high expectations of everyone else, viewing their issues as trivial and dismissing them if they're struggling. It's not that hard. While respecting him for his struggle, Becca views him as a control freak due to his unhealthy treatment of her mother (isolating/name-calling etc).

    ("It's not that my parents have hit a rough patch. It's that they never should've been together - look at my DNA, my mental health. This was a warning. Look at how unhappy they've made eachother. Look at how they clash.")

    Thomas 'Tommo' Delaney (24) - paternal half-brother
    Tommo was genius enough to get into Oxford and idiotic enough to get expelled for smoking weed in the bathroom. He now collects movies and deals drugs to high school kids. (Joe's so ashamed of this that he elects to tell people that Tommo 'had to withdraw due to severe health problems'.) While he loves his sister, he acts as a shameless enabler - failing to notice her declining mental health - believing she can make her own decisions. Turns out she can't.

    References to 'many, many cousins'. Generally regards her family as terribly boring: "all they do is spawn and talk about their spawn".

  • Sexuality

    "Labels are overly simplistic. Putting a word on love, I mean... c'mon."

  • Personality

    + ambitious, creative, loving, optimistic, hopeful
    - short-tempered, impulsive, tactless, unstable, dependent

    Becca is unhealthily persuasive: mainly because in her own mind, what she says is the truth. Predisposed to awful decisions.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    LIKES: learning, literature (Sylvia Plath/Christina Rossetti/Margaret Atwood), galleries, long journeys, writing, making memories, daydreaming, other people, rock music, The X Files, bad movies, chilli, anything cherry flavoured, adrenaline
    DISLIKES: condescension, inferiority, isolation, cretins, rudeness, complainers, misery, sport

  • Back Story

    - Family heavily in debt; had to learn not to ask for anything, make her presence minimal and learn how to budget.
    - Near-friendless for most of her life, due to not mixing well with others. Occasionally got into fights. Not bullied per se but largely whispered about and viewed as freakish.
    - Formerly academically brilliant, suffered due to her mental health: now average (B/C student in all but English, in which she's still a prodigy). She hates average. What the fuck is average?
    - Sufficient amount of 72-hour hospitalisations for her bipolar-II; pre-diagnosis (diagnosed around GCSE time) prone to shoplifting (just about evading charges due to not being sane) and promiscuity. Placed on Lithium.

  • Ongoing Story

    - Becca just about gets into sixth form with mostly Bs and some Cs. (Secretly devastated due to her friends getting better grades.) On results day, she's dumped over text by Avani - her girlfriend of two years - for reasons unknown, although she saw it coming. Dejected and abandoned, she skips her meds and gets drunk with Lukasz for the first time; for "celebration's sake".

    - She cuts her hair the morning after, for the sake of change. Following Lukasz' sudden encounter with an unknown boy, Becca plays detective, wanting to see him happy and settled. This involves going to Spectrum, a local LGBT group... in which she accidentally runs into Avani. Becca and Lukasz hit it off with the other members instantly, deciding her personal revenge is to flamboyantly exist in her ex's presence and cause discomfort.

    - Deciding that Lithium is numbing her, as opposed to keeping her alive, Becca begins flushing her daily medication down the toilet (unnoticed by her parents) as sixth form starts. Relapse ensues: manic episodes consisting of neglecting sleep for writing, playing Jodie's drinking buddy, excessive spending, and hooking up with 'cool' Year 13s in the year above; depressive episodes consisting of oversleeping, lighter-burns and starting arguments.

    - Around the same time as this, a dejected Faye asks for her help in impressing the Spectrum members; since her 'normal' self made no friends. Becca naturally obliges - initially in the form of an internal 'Mean Girls' makeover (aka updating her cultural knowledge, encouraging 'being interesting' and talking more) - but goes too far when attempting to get Faye to abandon her alternate 'boring and ugly' friend group at school, due to their awful treatment by everyone else. Faye calls her out on this, and the unimpressed Spectrum members antagonise Becca for her 'manipulative' (misguided) behaviour.

    - This culminates in Becca drinking too much, watching Casablanca alone in Tommo's house: ultimately going to hospital having to get her stomach pumped. Only now is her relapse genuinely acknowledged for what it is. Yet again, she's placed under 72-hour section on behalf of her mental health, and told she'll have to repeat Year 12.

    - Summer, the end of the academic year, calls for a bonfire party (alcohol-free) in which Becca apologises to Faye for her actions. While forgiven, it's amicably decided that they should stay away from eachother for a while.

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    + Becca's good at rebuttals and being intimidating. She'll use this when necessary - probably the only reason she hasn't been bullied, asides from being decent with her fists.
    + If in need of advice, she's your go-to source for loving honesty.
    + She's also good at budgeting, charity shop-scouring and finding the cheapest possible version of something. Also recommending realistic fakes.

    - Becca's kinda useless in the practical sense. She can't cook. Or do maths. Or play sport. Anything that'd help her in a zombie apocalypse, she's diabolical at.
    - Her crippling fear of abandonment means she's willing to change herself in any way shape or form to please people.
    - She's found herself being too "emotional baggage-y" to keep hold of any particular romantic partners, apart from Avani... who couldn't really judge.

  • Extra

    - Becca's sixth form subjects are English Literature, Law, Latin and Classics.
    - She's fond of affectionate pet names, e.g. buttercup/sunshine/lovie. Coming out of her mouth, they don't sound fake. It's odd.


  • Rebecca Calloway
  • Rebecca Calloway
  • Rebecca Calloway


  • Favorite artist?

    Pearl Jam.

  • Kind of clothing?

    The alternative side of nineties. Mom jeans, (fake) Docs, chokers, fishnets, always a low-cut top. Big fan of miniskirts.

  • Favorite animal?

    Kittens will forever be in her heart. She strokes every cat.

  • Least favorite animal?

    Spiders are the bane of her existence. She loves dogs, but is heavily allergic - so has to love them from a distance.

  • What element would they be?

    Though born an earth sign, she exhibits traits of a fire sign.

  • Theme song?

    The Dresden Dolls - The Perfect Fit.

  • Deadly sin that best represents them?

    Envy, by far. She's a naturally jealous person.

  • Which animal would they be?

    Probably a raven... pretty much just a goth pigeon.

  • Patience level?

    It's terrible. Awful. She's prone to snapping at people.

  • Favorite place?

    Anywhere with a lot of scenery.

  • Role model?

    Courtney Love: in her eyes, the most badass thing to ever hit the nineties music scene.

  • Favorite foods?

    Sweet chilli everything. It's slightly alarming.

  • Favorite book?

    'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath - she also has a fondness for 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov.

  • Dream place to live?

    Anywhere old-looking. She'd like to feel like a modern Romantic.

  • Pets?

    None; they can't afford any.

  • Most appropriate TV trope(s)?

    Cool Loser, Deadpan Snarker, Enraged By Idiocy

  • Smells like?

    Rose-scented bath products.

  • How do they feel about love?

    "For something that causes so much hurt, it's horribly addictive. You never know something to be so good and so bad in equal measures."

  • Least favorite color?

    "Orange is fully so unnecessary."

  • Makes a living by?

    Selling clothes and whatever freelance writing she can find online.

  • Fears or phobias?

    Disapproval. Abandonment. Being seen by others the way she sees herself.

  • Music they listen to?

    "If it has a good bass riff, I'm into it." All rock between 60s and 90s: The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Soundgarden, Hole, Weezer, Pearl Jam...

  • Bad habits?

    Assuming her opinion is everyone else's, and then having to backtrack upon saying something controversial.

  • Religious and to what extent? Any spiritual beliefs?

    Deliberate connection to nature and the earth: after all, it's what all other species survive on. Too much tech makes us forget how our world was meant to be made. ("Also... I think aliens may have created the earth. Think about it, they're aliens; they're not like us - they adapt to other planets. Likely chance they can do things we can't even comprehend.")

  • Role in a Disney movie

    That emo pixie in the Tinkerbell spinoffs. Vidia?

  • What was your character like as a child?

    Very shy. Very precocious. Hung out with teachers because very few would play with her.

  • What (if they can) does your character eat?

    Healthily as possible.

  • Nervous habits?

    Bouncing her leg, or tapping rhythmically on the table, or - y'know - panic attacks.

  • Languages spoken

    English and semi-fluent Spanish.

  • Wears jewelry?

    Chokers, always. Occasionally a ring.

  • Have they ever wanted to commit suicide?

    She's attempted it when un-medicated.

  • As a child, what did they want to be when they grew up?

    A princess, then an artist, then a writer... then an artist again... Rebecca has spent her whole life being this indecisive.

  • First kiss? (when and with whom)

    With Avani, two years ago.

  • Belief in an afterlife?

    She's ambivalent on this one. Undecided between reincarnation and that "religion was created because we can't comprehend the thought of not existing."

  • Views on gambling, lying, killing, etc...?

    Those who get caught deserve the consequences. But if you can't get caught, do what you want.

  • Do they stand up for what they believe in?

    Depends on how scary she finds the opposition, and how willing she is to cut them down.

  • How much do they value money?

    When not in a manic episode, she's frugal as anything. Anything over £10 - £12 at a stretch - probably isn't even that good.

  • Wants to get married?

    She doesn't care too much for it, but is open to have her mind changed.

  • Wants to have kids, raise a family?

    Not birthed. She wants to get her tubes tied for fear any born kids would inherit her mental health issues: "if I happen to want any, I'll adopt. No doubt about it. There's so many who age out of the system, it's unfair."

  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?

    Passive-aggressive all the way.

  • Cat or dog person?

    Both are wonderful, but she has to love cats by default (damn allergies...)

  • Sworn enemy?

    She has about twenty of those.

  • Is there one fictional character (print/stage/screen) you could compare them to?

    Veronica Sawyer meets Esther Greenwood.

  • What songs relate to your character?

    Anything by Fiona Apple. They share a mind.

  • Most traumatic experience?

    The entirety of primary school until roughly Year 8.

  • What brings them the most joy?

    Being around people and feeling truly loved. She's an extrovert by nature, just picky on who she surrounds herself with.

  • Are they ticklish?


  • Do they play any instruments?

    Sadly, no. She tried learning the electric guitar and failed miserably... keys are hard.

  • Coke or Pepsi?

    "Full of chemicals. I don't trust them one bit. But Cherry Coke is the tastiest shit."

  • Hogwarts House

    "Slytherin. We're not automatically evil, alright? I'll take this to my grave. My favourite people are Slytherins."

  • If they could have one thing in the world?

    "Complete assurance that everything's going to be okay."

  • Would they dare kill someone?

    Knowing her luck, she'd get caught. No.

  • Body modifications? (Piercings, implants, tattoos etc.)

    Fuck no; she cries at injections.

  • Can they speak any accents?

    She's quite good at them. Cali girl, Scottish, Irish...

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