Eli Cortez

By nscarmona

  • Name

    Eli Cortez

  • Age

    18 (Birthday: 8th March)


  • Setting

    Outskirts of London, UK

  • Gender

    Male (trans)

  • Birthday

    8th March

  • Zodiac


  • Physical Description


  • Occupation


  • Family

    Helena Cortez - mother
    Lucy Cortez - baby sister
    Matías Cortez - eight-year-old brother
    'Joe' - stepfather. Bad terms.

    Estranged biological father. Also bad terms.

  • Sexuality

    "Probably gay?"

  • Significant Other

    ... ;)

  • Personality

    + honest, nonconformist, adventurous, responsible, selfless
    - neurotic, introverted, pushover, fickle, passive

  • Likes/Dislikes

    LIKES: politics, superheroes, marijuana, YouTubers, punk music, customised clothes
    DISLIKES: Conservatives, crowds, confrontation, hot weather, blank walls

  • Back Story

    - Ex-self-harmer: badly bullied in primary school.
    - The Cortez household was evicted and made homeless when Eli was in Year 9: due to dismally low attendance, he had to repeat a year of school and consequently had to take fewer GCSEs.
    - Hasn't actually questioned his gender until recently. Briefly identified as a lesbian. Came out as trans at the Year 11 leavers assembly, since he knew he wouldn't see any of them again.
    - Not quite having enough GCSEs for sixth form qualification, he goes to college; studying Illustration. One of the best artists in Year 12.

  • Ongoing Story

    - Attending the same local college as Jodie, where he discovers more people from his old school than he'd realised. Word spreads and isolation ensues; his only comfort being Jodie (who has endured homophobic bullying since later years of high school).
    - Combine that with having to pick up the pieces of Jodie's destructive partying habits, and his own unstable home life (debts and arguments - parallel to Becca's), and you get a rather emotionally drained Eli. He voices the opinion that he feels like he's playing a passive role in his own life and has no idea how to change it.
    - Blows hot and cold with Lukasz, who Eli views as a force of potential change: kisses him numerous times but freaks out at the thought of emotional intimacy. Feels guilt at the thought of using him. Eventually, completely on his own terms, breaks the news that Lukasz probably deserves better than someone who's still trying to figure themselves out completely.
    - Apology @ Becca's end-of-year bonfire party. Shares a kiss with Lukasz: audience are left to interpret whether it's the start or the end of their romance.

  • Extra

    - Eli really wants a cat; he grew up with one, it went missing and never returned.
    - His stepdad smokes weed, so neither parent is particularly bothered by Eli's own habit.
    - Despite being a bullying victim for most of his life, Eli appreciates that Jodie is trying to be better... though thinks she's trying a little too hard. He never got apologised to, so in his opinion, her remorse makes her a better person than she believes.



    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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