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Eli De Palma

By nscarmona

  • Name

    Eli De Palma   pron: EE-lie (opposite of ee-truth)

  • Age

    17 (Birthday: 8th March)


  • Setting

    Outskirts of London, UK

  • Gender

    Male (trans)

  • Birthday

    8th March

  • Zodiac

    Pisces ("Such a fucking Pisces, it's unreal.")

  • Physical Description


  • Occupation

    Student, part-time cashier at (Somewhere-or-Other food chain), does some freelancing art online

  • Family

    Helena Cortez - mother
    Lucy Cortez - baby sister
    Matías Cortez - eight-year-old brother
    'Joe' - stepfather. Bad terms.

    Estranged biological father. Also bad terms.

  • Sexuality

    "Probably gay? I like guys. I'm a guy. But like... girls are hot sometimes. I dunno, man. Can I put a question mark?"

  • Significant Other

    "Ha, my what now?"

  • Personality

    + honest, responsible, selfless, ???, ???
    - neurotic, introverted, fickle, passive, ???

    Deadpan humour. Fake chill persona. Actually very anxious.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    LIKES: marijuana, good advice, astrology, spirituality, piercings, stand-up comedians on Netflix, customising clothes, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino ("like cool rap, not shit rap") comics ("I like Marvel AND DC equally. Sue me."), escapism

    DISLIKES: Confrontation, know-it-alls, social humiliation, criticism, crowds, overly serious discussions/people, boring interior design, nail-biting

  • Back Story

    - Badly bullied in primary school for now-gone accent and tatty clothes.

    - Due to his mother's battle with (insert mental illness), her on-off work life meant an unsteady stream of money coming in. Eli has frequently had to take care of his younger siblings at his own sacrifice, missing school so they could be fed and supervised if she wasn't up to it. In Year 9 (Eli being 14) the De Palma household was evicted and made homeless, staying at a hostel. Due to dismally low attendance, he had to repeat a year of school and subsequently had to take fewer GCSEs. Eli often gets frustrated with himself for being 'stupid' and wondering what he could've had if his circumstances were different.

    - Long-term questions with identity - gender especially - because "what constitutes a man? Do I just to cross-dress, take on the characteristics typically associated with men? Do I want to be treated like a man? Wait, no, this is definitely biological. It runs deeper."

  • Ongoing Story

    (With an offer from a prestigious art school up north, he came out as trans at the Year 11 leavers assembly, assuming he'd be long gone - but when he didn't make the grade, his only option was the same local college as his long-time best friend Jodie.)

    - Panicked about potential transphobia and the consequences of his poor results, Eli disappears on results day (but quickly returns, too guilty to abandon his mum).
    - falling for lukasz against the massively busy nature of his life
    - feeling responsible for his household and jodie

  • Extra

    - Eli's strengths are in digital and pen-and-ink comic art. His created universe full of heroes are roughly based on his friends; he became popular on Tumblr for his Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn artwork.

    - He really wants a cat; he grew up with one, it went missing and never returned.

    - Eli's guilty pleasure is wrestling, having wanted to be a wrestler as a kid. He's still into Pokémon, but refuses to be guilty about that.

    - His post-college plans are either to get an apprentice job in catering or with a graphic design company, depending on who'll take him. He's quite good with a CV.

    - Eli's celebrity crushes are Donald Glover and Rami Malek.

    - His birth name is Dani De Palma, and he nearly changed the spelling to Danny.

    - Oh, and he's a really awful liar.

    - Despite being a bullying victim for most of his life, Eli appreciates that Jodie is trying to be better... though thinks she's trying a little too hard. He never got apologised to, so in his opinion, her remorse makes her a better person than she believes.



  • Favorite artist?

    Childish Gambino.

  • Kind of clothing?

    Punk on a budget - faux leather, homemade badges/patches, rips, well-worn clothes.

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