Lukasz Zajaḉ

By nscarmona

Lukasz' Instagram account.
  • Name

    Lukasz Zajaḉ   pron: Lu-KAS

  • Age

    17 (Birthday: 22nd January)

  • Short Description

    Quietly flamboyant. The alcohol-supplying "responsible friend".


  • Setting

    Outskirts of London, UK

  • Gender


  • Birthday

    22nd January

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Dog walker/sixth former

  • Family

    Alicja Czubak - mother
    Matteusz Zając - father

  • Sexuality

    Homosexual. Gay. Gaaaaay.

  • Significant Other

    ...... ;)

  • Personality

    + creative, cultured, witty, relaxed, supportive
    - bone-idle, conformist, lonely, weak-willed, indecisive

    If 'true neutral' were a person, he'd take the form of Lukasz. An amateur filmmaker and total film buff, he'll capture the perspectives of others, but rarely state his own... entirely out of fear of alienation. Hell, half of his sixth form don't actually know who he is.

    He could talk for England, and you'd be fascinated by what he'd have to say, but eventually you'd come to the odd realisation that you know nothing about his life. Nothing below surface level.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    LIKES: The Cure, Fleetwood Mac, dogs, 80s culture, films, surrealism, junk food, beer
    DISLIKES: spinach, sport, Conservatives, vodka, rom-coms, bad facial hair, man buns, grass stains

  • Back Story

    - Mother and father are amicably separated.
    - Not closeted but has never bothered with 'coming out': while not disrespecting openly camp queer people, he is adamant that it isn't for him: if someone asks, he'll tell them. ("Truth be told, it's nobody's fucking business.")
    - Like Becca and Faye, he's not used to having a solid friend group/support system: he's had friends but never felt particularly attached to any of them.

  • Ongoing Story

    - Meets Eli after escaping prom. Instantly enthralled.
    - Makes documentary on LGBTQ teens and the potential closure of Spectrum. Can be seen with a camera.
    - His first kiss with Eli (and with anyone) turns into a drunken make-out session, after a game of Spin The Bottle. Eli calls it a mistake, and they agree to let it go. Romantic tension, five months of pining and bad poetry ensue.
    - When the group split up, Lukasz takes matters into his own hands and publishes the documentary, sending it to them (as if to say "grow the fuck up, a valuable community resource could shut down if we don't keep going"). Along with uploading it to YouTube, he sends it to the council and local newspapers... not only does this work in reuniting them, but he lands himself an agent.
    - Though ambiguous, he and Eli appear to receive a positive ending. Eli apologises for leading him on, Lukasz apologises for being a love-lorn fuckwit and the two make sure to kiss while sober. Whether it's a goodbye kiss or a reunion kiss is up to subtext.

  • Extra

    - Lukasz takes melatonin tablets for his insomnia.

    - His real best friend is his nine-year-old Labrador/Golden Retriever hybrid, Kirk. Why did he call him Kirk? Nobody knows.

    - Lukasz reluctantly acts as peacemaker between his friends, for fear of having none.

    - His favourite filmmakers are David Lynch and Wes Anderson. He studies Media Studies, Graphics, Law and Politics.


  • Lukasz Zajaḉ
    Lukasz' Instagram account.


  • Favorite artist?

    The Cure hold a special place in his heart, having been raised on their discography.

  • Kind of clothing?

    Trainers/boots. Jeans. Grey hoodies. Varsity jackets, and occasionally leather. Indulges in the occasional beanie.

  • First memory?

    Vague recollections of being taken to see Prince live as a young child.

  • Favorite animal?


  • Least favorite animal?

    Every insect can collectively die except bees.

  • What element would they be?

    Water, definitely.

  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Which animal would they be?

    An owl - always up at night, and seemingly all-knowing.

  • Blood type?


  • Patience level?

    Reasonably high. He's learnt how to block out things rather than get irritated.

  • Dream place to live?

    He envisions his own place in Hollywood & Vine.

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