Jodie Gordon

By nscarmona

  • Name

    Jodie Gordon

  • Age

    17 (Birthday: 14th August)

  • Short Description

    Loves guitars more than you.


  • Setting

    Outskirts of London

  • Nickname

    'Jodes', 'lesbian Jimi Hendrix'

  • Gender


  • Physical Description

    Dark-skinned, tall, friendly-looking - potentially played by Vivian Oparah?

  • Birthday

    14th August

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Sixth former - semi-unemployed. Gets money from busking at weekends.

  • Family

    Lucy Gordon (née Hewlett): mother
    Oliver Gordon: father
    Danielle: older sister (25)
    Jack: older brother (19)

  • Sexuality


  • Significant Other


  • Personality

    + outgoing, charismatic, considerate, musically gifted
    - blunt, guarded, noncommittal, academically lazy

    Jodie has a rockstar's charm. She holds the best parties at Spectrum, beds the most girls, and is shamelessly and unapologetically herself: but that doesn't come without its own difficulties.

    A self-confessed 'lesbian fuckboy', her promiscuity and commitment issues give her a bad name amongst the local (albeit tiny) lesbian community. Maybe she craves the real thing - proper, romantic love - but that's not territory she's willing to dive into.

    Love life aside, Jodie's one of the best friends you could make. Straight-talking advice and a daredevil level of adventure... think 'alcohol and fairy lights on the roof of a shop and oh my god this is breaking at least two laws at the same time'.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    LIKES: girls, dogs, vodka, guitars, reality shows, indie rock
    DISLIKES: buzzkills, hangovers, horoscopes, academia, responsibility, black-and-white films

  • Back Story

    - Heavily dyslexic; toll taken on her childhood self-esteem: parents decided to sign her up for music lessons instead.

    - Was in with the popular kids from primary school to Year 8, being a ringleader bully for a lot of these years. Took out her aggression on others until punished and forcibly assigned a school counsellor. At present, she heavily regrets making others feel like she did + attempts to hide this element of her past. Trying to make up for it (perhaps overcompensating) in good deeds.

    - Came out as a lesbian in Year 10.
    - Grew up with a blind labrador who died in Year 11: she's not used to a dogless household. (Shows Lukasz' dog some extra love for this exact reason.)

  • Ongoing Story

    - Taking BTEC Music at college: got an A* in GCSEs but failed a couple, preventing her from qualifying for sixth form.
    - Her and Eli are frequently harrassed for being 'out'. The audience find out that in Jodie's case, this has gone so far as corrective rape by the main perpetrator, and she's told nobody.
    - Descends into habits of reckless alcoholism and illegal activity, driving a wedge between herself and Eli who's forced into picking up the pieces.
    - Likes Avani. The two begin a friends-with-benefits relationship.
    - After staying the night at Jodie's, Avani cracks the mystery when she finds emergency contraceptives and crisis leaflets stashed in the bottom of her wardrobe. Eli is told and Jodie breaks down.
    - Jodie/Avani endgame @ Becca's bonfire party.

  • Extra

    - Jodie's a predictable guitarist whose favourite song to play is Smoke On The Water.
    - She's a pescatarian, but struggled with giving up McDonalds.

    "Today my aunt brought up my 'questionable life choices' in passing conversation. Was she referring to my shameless lesbianism or my tendency to dip breadsticks in peanut butter? We'll literally never know."
    "Got fired from my work experience placement at the nursery. Drop one little swearword and they act like you killed a man..."
    "Hey, when you find yourself in trouble, you just gotta ask: what would Jesus do?" (A pause.) "Then do the complete opposite."
    "Me included, there's like seven lesbians in the entire borough. Three are my exes, two are in their fifties and one's annoying as shit."


  • Jodie Gordon
  • Jodie Gordon
  • Jodie Gordon


  • Favorite artist?

    The Wombats.

  • Kind of clothing?

    She freely admits to being a walking stereotype: plaid shirts, denim jackets and beanies all round.

  • Favorite animal?

    Foxes. People tend to find this out and sing 'What Does The Fox Say?' at her... she hates it.

  • Least favorite animal?

    Pigeons can collectively DIE. Every single one of them.

  • What element would they be?


  • Theme song?

    The Wombats - Here Comes The Anxiety // alternatively Walking Disasters by the same artist.

  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


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