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Sariya Lightshadow

By DarkScar

Art by Verridith
  • Name

    Sariya Lightshadow

  • Age

    Though she's only anywhere from ten to fifteen years old, she's grown up very quickly, and is equivalent to about a 25 year old mentally and physically.


  • Nickname

    Side-Alias: Rajani

  • Species

    A powerful half unicorn, half shadowbeast shifter

  • Gender


  • Significant Other


  • Family

    Sariya's parents were quite different; an Ether shadowbeast and patron of the Dark Realm, as well as the then-Ether of Millirand, a unicorn named Maeg.

  • Physical Description

    A beautiful, young hybrid between unicorn and shadowbeast, Sariya is built like a deer, long legged and lithe. She has a long, horse-like mane that shortens into a fluffy, curly row of fur down her back and most of her tail, ending in a luxuriously long tuft at the end. The mane itself is long, growing past her shoulder, and consistently falls to the left, save for a few strands by her ears that stick up and curl.

    Her ears themselves are long and expressive, fanned with thin feathers that don't seem to repeat themselves anywhere else. Her muzzle is long but blunt, much like a narrow horse's, with flaring nostrils and two small horns that curve back towards her forehead. Her forehead itself holds a long and thin blade-like horn, framed by a curly forelock that often gets in her dark, silver eyes. At the ends of her long, slender legs are delicate hooves that are sharp as ripping talons.

    Her color does not vary - from her silky fur to her bladed horn, she is a glossy raven-black, glinting deep blue in extreme sunlight. Often, when she chooses a still place to stand with no wind, hidden in the shadows, she's able to appear as a solid, obsidian statue.

    ALTERNATE FORM: Sariya may transform into a woman who has deep, black skin and long, somewhat wavy black hair. Thin and rather voluptuous, she wears very little in this form, usually black silk or silver dresses to accent her gleaming, silver eyes.

  • Personality

    A quiet, watchful female who is very clever and strategic. She plans every move before she makes it, and plans most of her enemy's movements as well, able to predict what an opponent may do simply by watching them fight. She is skilled at getting her way, and isn't above using her body to get what she wants - both her true form, and her humanoid form, she's found can bring her good fortune in a variety of negotiations.
    Is sort of a sly-tongued, charming, and manipulative sort of gal. If she's managed to seduce a certain person, she could easily turn that person of interest against their best friend, comrade, or sibling by just a few subtle words. Casting a non-existent spell, so to speak, in a more mental, psychological way but only if that person is infatuated with her, she really is a seductress in its rawest form.

  • Voice

    Silvery, smooth; soprano

  • Back Story

    Sariya has a long, if relatively unexplored, history. For years, she has been plotting her own rise to power, watching and waiting in the background.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Music, Jewelry, Dancing, Humming, Crystals, Fire(both in moderation and uncontrolled), Essential oils, Incense,

    Dislikes: Thunderstorms, Sunlight, Moths,

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    She inherited every bit of shadow magic her father had, as well as her mother's stamina and physical prowess. As such, she may bend darkness to her will easily, able to use it both offensively and defensively, though she is more fond of the more surreptitious and deceitful use of illusion and stealth. She is very good at infiltrating a place and moving around undetected, and is quite capable of defending herself and killing enemies with her shadows, if she is unfortunate enough to be found.

    As much as she loathes to admit it, she hates an expected hate for light magic but not only that, she is terrified by the sound of lightning. Not just the element itself but the sound often makes this lady of grace jump in fear.
    Fire is probably the weaker one of her weaknesses, she won't shun away from it and is actually very fond by its dangerous glow and warmth; its uncontrollable will to destroy everything but still be dazzling, just like she sees herself.


  • Sariya Lightshadow
    Art by Verridith


  • Does your character collect anything?

    Likes to collect jewelry and silks, mostly to adorn herself with.

  • Theme song?

    "Children of Darkness" - (

  • Alignment?


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