Lilith Galagher

By elena566

  • Name

    Lilith Galagher

  • Age

    17 (Birthday: August 13th)

  • Short Description

    she looks prettier than the pic i swear


  • Nickname

    Lily (by Cain), Leith (when crossdressing)

  • Birthday

    August 13th

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation


  • Species

    human person

  • Gender


  • Family

    dead birth family, recently dead adoptive brother

  • Physical Description

    handsome girle

  • Personality

    aloof, tired. bad with prosessing emotions or smth.

  • Fandom


  • Sexuality


  • Back Story

    her village burned down when she was little, then she met Cain, and became family or smth

  • Ongoing Story

    cain is dead now so shes tryna find out who did it.

  • Extra

    has poison magic (life element)


  • Lilith Galagher
  • Lilith Galagher
    her design changed a littlr from this :\\\


  • Theme song?

  • Special skills / talents?

    i want to steal

  • Patience level?

    god tier

  • Favorite book?

    she cant read lol

  • Weapon

    that nife

  • Home town?

    somewhere in northern floris (u don needta know0

  • Where they live now?

    lived in hecadia for a bit -> after invasion fled to elafren and now lives in The Guild

  • Makes a living by?

    stealing -> after invasion, guilding

  • Jung Personality Type?

    whomst jung?

  • Random fact!

    shes dyslexic, so learning how to read would be difficult so she just didnt bother. later in the story, Ceran from The Guild teacher her.

  • What is something other people assume about your character?

    thats shes boring (theyre right)

  • Do they like the name they were given?

    she was named after a she-demon that eats babies so yeah shes cool w it

  • Siblings?

    cain (dead)

  • As a child, what did they want to be when they grew up?


  • How has their look/design changed over time?

    her name used to be rosa, and she had a dark green cloak.

  • Coke or Pepsi?

    these dont exist in this universe (thank cod)

  • Quote


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