Garett Cardona

By elena566

  • Name

    Garett Cardona

  • Age

    15 (Birthday: November 9th)


  • Nickname

    useless dumby

  • Birthday

    November 9th

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation


  • Species

    human person

  • Gender


  • Significant Other


  • Family

    narcissist mom who divorced and went away, alive dad

  • Physical Description

    short, then after the time skip he grows an entire foot

  • Personality

    low self of steam, so he acts like hes the greatest, which is annoying, which gets people to hate him, which lowers his self of steam even more the cycle continues life is suffering

  • Fandom


  • Back Story

    hes the result of a failed marriage, so his parents dont really like him. he has an annoying personality so no one likes him in general. because his mom was possesed by a demon-thingy while pregnant he was born with black blood. hes training to be a member of the Hecadia royal guard, and hoping to get really high up on the ranks so he can boss people around for once

  • Ongoing Story

    he makes a lot of bad choices and when the war happens, he runs away and teams up with an equally useless girl to do super cool(dumb) things

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    weakness: needs dat validation


  • Garett Cardona
  • Garett Cardona
  • Garett Cardona
  • Garett Cardona
  • Garett Cardona
    when gary runs away after act 1.png
  • Garett Cardona


  • Favorite color?


  • Does your character collect anything?


  • Allergies?

    allergic to good decisions

  • Theme song?

  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Patience level?

    pretty low

  • Weapon


  • Fears or phobias?

    crippling fear of abandonment that makes it difficult to form connections in the first place

  • Personal problems?

    growing up, he was bullied for being a useless dumby little bich

  • Random fact!

    cant swim lol

  • When did you create this character?

    uhhhh 2014?

  • If your character has a significant other, what would their song be?

  • What (if they can) does your character eat?

    uhhh food what kinda question

  • First memory?

    am i losing my marbles or are some of these boys appearing twice? >:|

  • Nervous habits?

    at the beginning it was scratching his cheek, but during the story it changed to rubbing his neck because thats what navarre does and he just loves stealing those personality traits/habbits

  • Enneagram type?


  • Siblings?

    half brother in another kingdom whos pure evil (its wallace)

  • As a child, what did they want to be when they grew up?

    a royal guard, he wanted to be a super high rank so he could boss around his bullies, but his kingdom gets invaded by the Jerk Kingdom so uhhh no can do

  • First kiss? (when and with whom)

    marlow gave him cpr once does that count

  • Glass half full or half empty?

    hed accidentally spill the water

  • What's their one big kink?

    having someone genuinely care about his feelings

  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?


  • Sworn enemy?

    "navarre" (its complicated)

  • Is there one fictional character (print/stage/screen) you could compare them to?

    fuckin uhhhh

  • What songs relate to your character?

    what the heck is the point of this question. theres already a theme song question. im so mad

  • How have ghosts affected this character's view of their own afterlife?

    this is oddly specific :^)c

  • Quote

    "I want so badly to push my 15 year old self down a flight of stairs"

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