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By Endairan

Ari at Masquerade, looking like a pretty pretty princess.
  • Name

    Ariadne   pron: ah-ree-ODD-nuh

  • Age

    Mid or late twenties by the end of the original storyline. (Birthday: February 22)


  • Nickname


  • Birthday

    February 22

  • Occupation

    Adventures with the ML Crew.

  • Species

    Genetically modified human.

  • Gender


  • Significant Other


  • Family

    An older brother named Robert is her only known living relative.

  • Physical Description

    As a five foot tall stick, with a soft baby face, she's often mistaken for being much younger than she is. Her deep brown, slightly curled hair hangs down to her butt when loose. She has blue eyes and freckles.

    After being zapped by Euclid's laser, her appearance is drastically changed. She is covered with soft fur patterned similarly to a deer. Her freckles are replaced by white and dark brown spots. She had grown a small tail, large ears, and a pair of wings the same deep brown color as her hair. Her blue eyes are more animal in shape, with an almost opalescent sheen.

  • Personality

    She can be shy at first with new people, more-so if the environment is new to her as well. However very friendly and caring of others, if rather unreliable. She grows emotionally attached to people very easily yet doesn't settle down anywhere for long.

    She doesn't handle tense situations well, and is uncomfortable when people she likes are unhappy, often leading to her trying a little too hard to help and making things worse.

  • Sexuality

    Bisexual (preffering men for the simple fact that statistically they are more likely to prefer women)

  • Extra

    Travels with a griffin named Aidan whose egg she found in the Saheric desert during the Steele Excavation. She has developed a mental link with him that extends to a lesser degree to other telepathic beings.


  • Ariadne
    Ari at Masquerade, looking like a pretty pretty princess.
  • Ariadne
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  • Ariadne
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  • Ariadne
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