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byrd schubert

By berserker910

bby boy
  • Name

    byrd schubert

  • Age

    19 (Birthday: may 2)

  • Short Description

    gay monster hunter who can barely shoot a bb gun


  • Nickname

    his middle name is earl; byrdie

  • Birthday

    may 2

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    freelance monster (kisser) hunter

  • Species


  • Gender

    male; he/him

  • Family

    His mother died during childbirth. As a result, Byrd and his rugged farmer dad never really had a strong connection. They weren't unkind to each other, but there just wasn't really a steady stream of affection, nor particularly fulfilling. His dad would sometimes tell him how much he looked like his mother, which Byrd found slightly macabre, but also sweet.

  • Physical Description

    sometimes paints his nails, has a little bit of a crooked smile, wears a lot of shorts and jean jackets, has a gold jetsrum piercing. thin fingers that get shaky easily, deep brown eyes and a couple freckles on his arms. mostly legs, around 5’6”, moderately thin with a little muscle on him. maroon hair w/ dark roots, about chin length.

  • Personality

    Once Byrd forms a bond with someone, it typically strengthens very quickly. He's not-so-secretly a big softie, a hopeless romantic; very eager to dote on those he cares for. Loves romantic surprises. Needs the occasional reassurance that the other party feels the same way about him. Very sensible, down to earth, but also a little goofy. Enjoys having a good time. Generally openly emotional, though more so around those he trusts. Usually pushes himself to get the job done, even if he would rather wimp out. Tends to trip over his own words a little bit, especially when explaining himself.

  • Sexuality

    gay for humans and monsters

  • Voice

    hasn’t dropped down into lower registers yet, gets squeaky when he’s scared

  • Setting

    runs around mostly rural areas (feels more at home) hunting - and maybe kissing - big scary monsters for people

  • Back Story

    He grew up in his hometown of Millbury, Iowa, in the aging two-story farmhouse his parents had planned on growing old together in. The town was very rural, and fairly small, the kind where most everybody knew each other. Byrd and his dad tended to the small farm they had, and though it wasn't large, it was a very time consuming effort. As a result, Byrd's school grades suffered, which only contributed to the difficulty he was already having.

    In school, especially high school, Byrd didn't really have any friends. He just wasn't exceptionally personable, and wasn't very bright. He had acquaintances, but no real friends, until he met a boy named Isaac Mortis early in his freshman year. They became best friends very quickly, even though they were very different. Whereas Byrd was somewhat shy and reserved, Isaac was very outgoing, popular, a little nerdy, etc. When Byrd realized he was gay around 15, he came out to Isaac and was warmly accepted.

    The two became essentially inseparable over the years, and it was in the summer before their junior year that Byrd realized he was in love with him. Not necessarily romantically, but he felt such a pure, genuine love for this boy that he had never experienced with anyone else. He never told Isaac how he felt.

    Early in his senior year, around two months in, Isaac began telling him repeatedly of seeing a creature lurking in a field near his home. Byrd brushed it off, as the area never saw monsters, but after weeks of Isaac's insistence, he finally gave in and agreed to do a nighttime stakeout with him. He came along jokingly, not taking it seriously. It was then that Isaac was suddenly struck down by a tall, dark creature. In his fear and panic, Byrd was unable to get a good look at the monster, and fled.

    Grieving, utterly heartbroken, and feeling immensely guilty, Byrd dropped out of school and holed himself up in his room for the next several months, researching everything about monsters that he could. After about four months of this, he left his home. His dad, while slightly reluctant, felt that he had no business in policing his son, and gave him his jacket and pickup truck. He sent him off, and told him to call often. Byrd has not returned home nor contacted him since.

    He began travelling around the continental United States, assisting people with their monster issues. He would always try and speak to the monster and try to work out a solution, but more often than not he was resorted to violence. It was through actions like these that he started to gain a small reputation, among both clientele and within the monster community.

  • Ongoing Story

    Two years after he left home, Byrd is currently trying to find more clues as to what killed his best friend, so that he can track it down and destroy it. He has not thought about what he will do once he completes this goal.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    he dislikes being lonely so much, nighttime in unfamiliar areas, children, old people, and especially other people his age because he has no idea how to act. he also doesn’t like the smell of gasoline. he likes earthy smells, when people play with his hair, big claws oof, sleeping under the stars, when it rains and washes his car off for him, and having someone to talk to.

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    physically, he's not the strongest, but can hold his own for a little while. his other strengths include his ability to connect with people, to calm others down, and to listen to himself when it comes to things like decision making. his weaknesses include inability to connect past surface level, impulsive (though that can be good for his job) and obsessive.

  • Extra

    he’s got a glutten allergy


  • byrd schubert
    bby boy


  • Allergies?


  • Kind of clothing?

    loose fitting things

  • What element would they be?


  • Theme song?

    "Alone" by Trampled By Turtles

  • Alignment?

    lawful good

  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Hobbies?

    likes to play cards when he gets the chance, embroiders

  • Special skills / talents?

    he's good at making up little songs on the fly about anything

  • Patience level?


  • Pets?

    he tried having a cat for a while but it got too difficult to care for, so he gave it to a family

  • Weapon

    he carries a butterfly knife, a bb gun, and anything else that might help him with monster hunting (religious artifacts, certain herbs, etc.)

  • Smells like?

    rosemary and wet earth

  • Fears or phobias?

    has a fear of doctors, and doesn't particularly like large animals (horses, big dogs, elephants, etc.)

  • Music they listen to?

    whatever comes on the radio

  • Bad habits?

    chews on things (sunflower seeds, grass, etc.)

  • Pet peeves?

    getting interrupted

  • Nervous habits?

    shifts around a lot, tries to avoid cornering himself physically

  • Languages spoken

    english, and he's learning spanish

  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?


  • Most traumatic experience?

    monster killed his best friend in front of him

  • Hogwarts House


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