By swordlime

  • Name


  • Age

    ??? (Birthday: sept 30)

  • Short Description

    selfish, literal angel who’s bad at his job


  • Birthday

    sept 30

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    is supposed to regulate lower ranking angel’s duties, but hangs out with humans instead

  • Species

    2nd heaven dominion (kuoriote) angel

  • Gender

    male; he/him

  • Family

    all of the other angels; he doesn't have parents necessarily.

  • Physical Description

    albino, heavily freckled all over his body, colorful wings, two pairs of horns, golden halo, red eyes, multicolored third eye. slender hands/fingers, paints his nails usually black. somewhat square, thin body shape. mostly legs, around 5'5". usually frowning or sneering slightly. around humans he can veil his wings/horns/eyes/halo, but sometimes slips up with that if he isn't careful.

  • Personality

    he always gets very annoyed when he has to actually do something, so that's when he typically acts uptight, cold, disinterested, defiant etc. around his human friends, though, he's very personable. very loud, has a great sense of humor, not exactly friendly but easy to become friends with him. he essentially has two different sides to him: work side and fun side.

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    soft, light, like a dream. around humans, though, it can drop to something more brassy and “casual”

  • Setting

    he flits about to different major human cities when he's not in the celestial plane. he favors california, london, paris, etc. he really only goes to the celestial plane if he's getting reprimanded or needs to get some extra rest.

  • Back Story

    he realized early into his job that he absolutely hated it, and after a very long while of putting up with it, he started to just neglect his duties and push them onto other dominion angels instead.

  • Ongoing Story

    he's very close to getting exiled but honestly? he really wouldn't mind. he's just trying to enjoy himself.


  • kip
  • kip
    selfish boy


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