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Daehanath Choi

By pimmpete

  • Name

    Daehanath Choi   pron: day-hah-nat choy

  • Age

    Unknown, 300 years minimum, appears ~25


  • Nickname

    Sunny, The God-Witch (title)

  • Occupation

    professional pain in the ass

  • Species

    Fallen Elemental (Sun) ~ Stuck human

  • Gender

    Woman, but down for whatever

  • Significant Other

    Syota Saito, but there's some definite emotional constipation there

  • Family

    Harriet Choi ~ Daughter
    Ryuusei Choi ~ Son

  • Sexuality

    Down for whatever

  • Voice

    Un-placeable accent that comes of being born on an island with no outside contact for centuries, then being alone on that island for centuries, and then learning English on a ship with a mix of English, American, Korean, Indian, Spanish, and Carribean accents all mixed together.

  • Back Story

    Formerly the God-King of the island of "Ogygia" (no actual name), Daehanath crumbled to humanity after the death of her cult and brothers, eventually leaving the island and washing up on a pirate ship, where she met and fell in love with a sailor, Yeong-cheol Choi. They were married by the ship's captain, Harriet Brown, although they clearly didn't think it through very much because Sunny, for all her sudden mundanity, was still immortal and unaging, but Choi was not. Choi died during an attack on the pirate ship by the English Navy in 1723, and Sunny was pretty choked up about it. She kept the surname throughout her life, even now almost 300 years later.

  • Ongoing Story

    Sunny continues to fulfill her old role of trickster god by being an agent of chaos in any way she can. She has a special preference for ridiculous spy adventures and 'Leverage' type operations.



    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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