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Sabin Duvert VL Version

By Arania

Sabin Shadow manipulating by reiben prince
  • Name

    Sabin Duvert VL Version

  • Age

    (Birthday: August 29, 1854)

  • Webpage


  • Birthday

    August 29, 1854

  • Occupation

    Anthropology (Folklore) Professor

  • Species


  • Gender


  • Significant Other

    Samantha Blaire

  • Family

    Sabin's Mother: Thelia Duvert, Deceased - July of 1872.
    Sabin's Father - Kurt Duvert, eventually died of natural causes.
    Sabin has no siblings.
    Full family history here:

    Sabin Duvert and Samantha Blaire eventually had two children, Eric Duvert & Alexandra Duvert, in 1979.

  • Physical Description

    Reference Sheet:
    Victorian Era:
    Modern Day:

    [b]Human Form[/b]
    Sabin is about 6’ tall, 215 lbs, with gray-blue eyes. His long (mid-back), prematurely white hair is generally unkempt and usually pulled back in a ponytail for convenience. He has a somewhat long face with a somewhat large/long nose. He has a generally thick-average build.
    All his hair is white (eyebrows, bodyhair, etc). Has a somewhat large nose. Ears are slightly pointed, as are his canine teeth.. but this is very subtle. Both wrists have significant and old burn scars that wrap around the whole wrist.

    [b]True Form[/b]:
    It doesn’t take much for him to maintain the facade of being ‘human’ (with a few odd features he can’t completely pull in under “distinguishing features”, but if he loses a hold mentally (i.e. gets drunk, is knocked out, very emotionally distraught, or something similar, or if he just wants to relax and let his features out) then he will physically revert to his true form. He is also capable of only manifesting select features from his true form (i.e. pointed ears and claws; or red irises but not the other eyes, etc.)

    Even when in "human form", of the features of his true form are still there, just pulled in. When his features are relaxed, he manifests characteristics that betray his part-anju nature: long, sharp claws on his fingers and toes (they slide out from a retracted state), elongated pointed ears that stick out to the side/back, six glowing red eyes (he has a set above and below his normal pair – they pull back into his face and the lids seal over when in “human” form, though if his face is prodded they can be felt), his canines and premolars extend to full length, and the ends of his hair fade into semi-solid shadow.

    Regardless of form, Sabin's blood is BLACK, now devoid of iron and partially comprised of shadow-stuffs (as he is now truly part shadow creature).

  • Personality

    In general, Sabin is friendly, playful, and insatiably curious. He hates the mundane but will latch on to someone if they show promise of being interesting. Fascinated by the supernatural, Sabin loves books and movies, especially fantasy and science fiction.
    He is generally far too curious for his own good, his foolishness one of his more obvious shortcomings. He is reckless, and has a tendency to act before really thinking things through- going on a basis of what sounds like it could be interesting. Combined with his overconfidence in his own abilities makes for some bad mistakes.

    However, he does have a darker streak - a seeming affection for the macabre, and especially loves horror (including scaring people with elaborate pranks). Get him in the right mood and he can turn sarcastic and argumentative to downright feral. At the far end of the "darker" extremes - Sabin can be prone to a predatory violence.

  • Fandom

    Original; Victorian

  • Sexuality

    as far as he has given any consideration, straight

  • Voice

    Sabin has a bit of a French accent to his generally expressive voice

  • Setting

    This entry on the charahub is for the primary/original, "Victorian Legends" game that took place a couple of years after his possession and he was still fighting for control with the anju in his head up to merging. This was a historical real-world setting, but had some magical elements under the surface.

    The same character, fast-forwarded version in the modern era, would have been around about 150 years, has (Finally succeeded at) having kids with Samantha, gotten a job as a professor teaching folklore/anthropology.

    Recently, I've started an AU version of Sabin in a World of Darkness setting that takes most of his original background elements. Check out that version here:

  • Back Story

    In 1872, Sabin was possessed by a creature called an Anju. An anju is a vaguely humanoid-shaped creature that is in essence a living nightmare, comprised of shadows with six glowing red eyes and a mouthful of sharp teeth. Each anju is the living manifestation of a particular mortal fear – his, ironically, is the Fear of Being Controlled. It attempted to possess his body when he was 18 in order to get access to the mortal realm - but it didn't quite work out. It whispered to Sabin in his dreams a spell to summon it into Sabin's body (Sabin, unhealthily fascinated with monsters, believed that it would summon a monster for him to see.) The anju believed that the powerful spell would kill Sabin when he cast it, but it miscalculated. It did nearly kill him, and shocked his hair white in the process, leaving him dying as the creature was pulled in. Therefore, instead of providing a healthy, uninhabited body for the anju, it bonded the creature to Sabin's dying soul, saving Sabin's life and irrevocably meshing the two together. For a long time he had a split personality as they both shared one body, the creature violent and feeling trapped and bitter. For a while, Sabin was unable to stay in one city for very long and could not find who would stay with him to help. The only thing that really kept Sabin going was his maintained (and somewhat macabre) fascination with monsters and magic - struggling to understand what was happening to him and what it was that possessed him. As time passed, each began to manifest characteristics of the other - physically, emotionally and mentally. Their souls were bonded and characteristics bled through. Eventually, through much time and effort, and the agreed notion that they both despised periods of not being in control, they resentfully at first agreed to attempt to work together towards merging into one whole being. It was a long, grueling process, fraught with much difficulty and hardship, but in the end (after a painful physical and mental merging process) they fused into one whole being (though is still susceptible to major mood/personality swings.)

    Want to read the full backstory? It's Here:

  • Ongoing Story

    Check out his website at

  • Likes/Dislikes

    [b]Likes:[/b] Raw meat, the supernatural, stories, magic, fantasy, horror movies, fear, exploring, the dark, shadows, getting reactions from people

    [b]Dislikes[/b]: Iron, vegetables, pain,

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    *Shadow-Manipulation - Sabin has nearly full control over shadows: he can shape it, cause it to take a three-dimensional form, etc etc etc
    *Take Anju-form. Sabin can assume the six-eyed shadow creature Anju-form. He can manipulate how three-dimensional/substantial he is in that form or travel as a two-dimensional shadow.
    *Dream manipulation - Sabin can see and shape dreams. However, it is very difficult for him to shape a dream into anything but a nightmare
    *Fear - Sabin can cause fear in others through a fear-gaze. Additionally, Sabin can sense and gains energy & pleasure from fear in others (the energy is negated if the fear gaze is used).
    *Control - Sabin has theoretically the potential for some command/control/puppetry abilities, but many settings this power is under-developed. Each Anju represent a particular fear, Sabin's in the Fear of Being Controlled/Losing Control.

    [b]Weaknesses[/b]: [list]
    *Iron. Iron burns him on contact like a bad acid burn. He heals much more slowly from iron wounds, and they tend to scar. If he's in anju form, it's even worse as he is less substantial and it can literally burn right through him.
    *Temper. Sabin can be prone to outbursts, verbal or violent. Push him too hard and it can, even after having merged, have drastic consequences.
    *Insatiably curious & gullible - a bad combination, Sabin tends to leap before he looks and not necessarily think things through.
    *Terrible at Lying. Sabin will deliberately leave out information, or tell half-truths, but is bad at outright lying.
    *Low Pain Threshold - Anju are not used to pain, and Sabin is not very good at handling it.


  • Sabin Duvert VL Version
    Sabin Shadow manipulating by reiben prince
  • Sabin Duvert VL Version
  • Sabin Duvert VL Version
    Rhazzcrossbones chibi
  • Sabin Duvert VL Version
    Art by Sayael
  • Sabin Duvert VL Version
    Art by Budgie
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    Art by NekoKirara
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    Sabin Trueform by emperial
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    Modern Clothing and Anjuform by Elengwat
  • Sabin Duvert VL Version
    Portrait by Fuchsiart


  • Favorite color?

    NOT GOING TO ANSWER QUESTIONS TWICE. Check out the answers on the Modern version of the character.

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