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Akari Shiro

By rooftopsrevolution

  • Name

    Akari Shiro   pron: Ah-Kah-Ree She-Row

  • Age

    22 (Birthday: September 28th)

  • Short Description

    Shiro is a candidate for the RTR visual novel coming up after Celestial Dance.


  • Birthday

    September 28th

  • Species


  • Gender


  • Family

    Akari Ren (Little sister)

  • Physical Description

    Tall and thin, blonde hair and purple eyes.

  • Personality

    Shiro is a charming prince-like character. He's very calm and gentle but has a side to him unseen to the public eye. He can be considered as a semi-yandere personality type

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    Soft and smooth

  • Back Story

    His sister was taken away from him in a raid. He has then learned to be on his own.

  • Extra

    He became a yandere after I really wanted to do one. I realized that zeph can be classified as one as well, but.. meh.
    If he were to be with Zeph, he would be calm and collected while Zeph screamed at him.
    If with Sora, the two always get confused by name. They would be close friends.


  • Akari Shiro


    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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