Fennec and Sand Cat

By Solair

  • Name

    Fennec and Sand Cat


  • Species

    Fennec Fox and Sand Cat

  • Gender

    Male and Female

  • Personality

    Fennec: Very adventurous and often gets himself into trouble (which then needs help from Sandy in order to get out of said predicaments). Easy-going and overly friendly.

    Sand Cat: Fairly grumpy (though, wouldn't you be after having to put up with Fennec's antics?). Intelligent and a good problem solver.

  • Ongoing Story

    The both of them are partners in treasure hunting. They explore the desert searching for trinkets and interesting places, and often trade with others in order to acquire rarer things.

  • Extra

    These two are owned by both me and Nodle!


  • Fennec and Sand Cat
  • Fennec and Sand Cat
  • Fennec and Sand Cat


    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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