Dejan Novaković (Novi Sad)

By SlavaDe

  • Name

    Dejan Novaković (Novi Sad)

  • Age

    'born' AD 1694 but his appearance looks like 15 (Birthday: February 1st (the day Novi Sad was proclaimed Free Royal City within Hungary in 1748))

  • Short Description

    The 'spirit' of Novi Sad, the second largest city of Serbia and capital of Vojvodina


  • Nickname

    Nole - diminutive from his last name which has the word 'Novak'

  • Birthday

    February 1st (the day Novi Sad was proclaimed Free Royal City within Hungary in 1748)

  • Zodiac


  • Gender


  • Significant Other


  • Physical Description

    Height: 6' / 183 cms
    Weight: 70 kgs

    Light olive skin, medium length light brown hair, green eyes. Usually smiles a lot, one of the youngest and the fastest growing in Serbia family.

  • Personality

    Fun-loving, mostly happy and carefree, very proud of being Serbian

  • Fandom

    Axis Power Hetalia

  • Sexuality

    (should be)Straight but you never know..

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes:: Sports, big brothers Belgrade and Niš, loud music(much to the annoyance of Petrovaradin)

    Dislikes:: Hungary and anyone who is in a good term with Hungary (namely Subotica and Osijek), being bossed around, hangover

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    Strength:: Linguistic flexibility(speak all six official languages in Vojvodina), agility, enthusiastic

    Weakness:: Not very tolerence to alcohol, kind of impulsive


  • Dejan Novaković (Novi Sad)
  • Dejan Novaković (Novi Sad)
    with Niš


  • Favorite color?

    Bright blue, bright green, tan

  • Does your character collect anything?

    Autographs from bands and singers that come to perform at his 'EXIT' festival

  • Kind of clothing?

    The usual teenagers' clothing nowadays

  • First memory?

    Petrovaradin took him to a person who knew about 'the spirit of settlement' and told the person to take care of the toddler Nole who was recently born

  • What element would they be?

    Wind or maybe sunlight

  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Socioeconomic level?

    Quite okay

  • Blood type?


  • Hobbies?

    Listening to (loud)music, strolling along the Danube banks, swimming

  • Patience level?

    Not very high

  • Favorite place?


  • Role model?

    Big brothers Branko and Nemanja!

  • Mode of transportation?

    Bicycles or public transportation

  • Race, ethnicity and nationality?

    Mixed of Serbian and Hungarian but he now only counts himself as Serb

  • Music they listen to?

    (Very, very loud)Rock, Electronica, Electronic dance music, Metal, Hip hop, Punk, Drum and Bass

  • Bad habits?

    Like bossing Petrovaradin around despite the fact that once Petrovaradin was his guardian/baby sitter(?)

  • Religious and to what extent? Any spiritual beliefs?

    Serbian Orthodox but not very stricted

  • Kind of student if they attend/were to attend school? (e.g. class clown, straight A)

    The cheerful popular athlete

  • When did you create this character?

    February 2014

  • What was your character like as a child?

    A confused kid who didn't understand why he was born then bonded with the older 'settlement's spirit' who indirectly brought him up and then was nearly killed by Petrovaradin in 1848-1849

  • Languages spoken

    Serbian, Rusyn, Slovak, Romanian, Croatian, Hungarian and some German

  • Do they stand up for what they believe in?


  • Most traumatic experience?

    Hungarian force bombarded him from Petrovaradin acros the Danube and then being occupied by Hungary in WWII

  • What brings them the most joy?

    For the first time becoming the same family living in the same house with other Serbian siblings in 1918

  • Hogwarts House


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