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Faramir Shane

By moriartyregenerated

Purchased from Van-Design on DeviantArt. Used with permission.
  • Name

    Faramir Shane   pron: Fara-Meer

  • Short Description

    A mysterous hybrid who is the last and only of his kind.


  • Species

    Mountain Ground Drake Hybrid.

  • Gender


  • Significant Other

    Currently None

  • Family

    None. He is the last of his family species, whatever that species may be.

  • Physical Description

    Faramir is a Mountain Groundrake by appearance, but is believed to have Zelne (a breed of Snakekind from BTACD), and Eastern in his blood because of the many legends surrounding his grandmother, and his mother, of who their father's were. (As in his clan, the males never stayed to aid in raising the hatchling.) Faramir is not sure what to believe, other than the fact that he is not like the other pure Groundrakes, or even the more common mixed ones.

    Long and thin, Faramir is built for running and speed, but is also very muscled and strong.

  • Personality

    Quiet and reserved, Faramir is used to and has been alone for the last few decades.

    Faramir is a lone wolf; unpredictable, disliked, and mysterious. What one could get out of him is that he is a bit short in temper and in conversation. He is highly intelligent, but just does not see the reasoning in speaking to others.

  • Fandom

    By Tooth And Claw Dragons

  • Sexuality

    Unknown. He is uninterested in anyone or anything.

  • Back Story

    Origin on his Surname: Shane means Gift from [a] God, and in this case, it was exactly that, but it also a family name. In his early years, Faramir spent his time as a guard and a merchant, as well as a messenger, for some of the many cities within Vystriana. He never goes quite into detail on the exact happening before his surname was granted, but he does admit the he saved the life of a minor god, who gave it to him. But that is all that is known.


    Faramir never actually knew his mother or grandmother, as they were all killed by a surprise Snakekind attack. He was only a few hours old, and the lone survivior. They never found due to his dull colours matching the nest of his home, until a neighbouring clan took him in after finding him attempting to hunt in the mountains. But after a year of staying with them, the same thing happened: a snakekind attack, and again, he was the lone survivor. This cycle continued for nearly a decade, until he decided he had enough, feeling he was the cause of their deaths, as left.

    Rumours began to circulate around him, how he was a snakekind spy. That was when the rumours about his heritage began as well. Faramir was shunned from any other clans, but that did not bother him as he was used to being alone. He only wished he knew what was the cause of the destruction. Everywhere he went, it appeared that the snakekind followed.

    And this is where his story begins...

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    Faramir is very fast, but is not always the strongest. He is stronger than some, but that is mainly dues to his Groundrake heritage.

  • Extra

    His powers are Earth Manipulation*, and speed.

    *More on that here:


  • Faramir Shane
    Purchased from Van-Design on DeviantArt. Used with permission.


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