Merry Brie

By musume

  • Name

    Merry Brie

  • Age

    Unknown (Birthday: March 4th)

  • Short Description

    Dolly form: Withdoll Strawberry, ver. Ice Cream Children; girl body, rose white skin, default faceup.
    Wig: [FMDSS-1114] in Baby Pink.
    Eyes: DD-Anne 10mm gray/violet.
    Special parts: Made by Morla, painted by Musume.


  • Birthday

    March 4th

  • Occupation

    Collects teeth and takes them to the fairy world in exchange of a coin.

  • Species

    Mouse Fairy

  • Gender


  • Family

    Fairies are born in flower saplings. Merry came from a light-blue bellflower, where mice from her fairy-settlement go to celebrate a local tradition. Her animal self is a white mouse.

  • Physical Description

    Her normal form is similar to a chibi human, with fair skin and big dark gray violet eyes. She has white mice ears and tail.

  • Personality

    She is really shy and blushes for almost everything. However, Merry is really quiet and usually happy, and takes a lot to move her from her usual cheerful mood. She is very patient, but also curious... although she knows how to restrain her curiosity.

  • Sexuality


  • Likes/Dislikes

    She likes cheese and having her coins perfectly shiny and organized.

  • Extra

    Since fairies only write to record facts, Merry does not understand the concept of novels and stories the human writes. Therefore, she believes anything she reads to be real and have happened.


  • Merry Brie


  • Kind of clothing?

    Since she has to do a lot of work, Merry prefers pants, bloomers and never skirts.

  • Favorite animal?


  • Which animal would they be?

    White Mouse

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