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Cormac Daniels

By poplop990

  • Name

    Cormac Daniels

  • Age

    20 (Birthday: April 17th)

  • Short Description

    A "look at that cloud" kinda guy


  • Nickname

    Mac, Macky

  • Birthday

    April 17th

  • Species


  • Gender

    Genderqueer (he/him, they/them pronouns)

  • Significant Other

    Kizzy Westra

  • Occupation

    Runs commutation for the town/radio DJ

  • Family

    None, (His father disappeared when he was six and is presumed dead and his mother died when he was fourteen), Joseph Penn took him in after his mother died and is like a father to Cormac

  • Physical Description

    Short thick chestnut brown hair, dark green eyes, 5'6, slim, missing his right leg at the knee, damn good upper body, big scar on his right hip and what's left of his leg, cleft chin, thick eyebrows, pointy nose, great voice, slightly smirky, glasses

  • Personality

    Nice, loud, boasty, funny, adventurous

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    Deep, rich, a good radio voice

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Pickles, Kizzy, Harrison, music, back rubs, meat/blood, mean people, unnecessary violence, when people spit on the ground, getting in trouble, when Kizzy's away scavenging

  • Back Story

    Cormac was born about fifty miles to the north of Sandsburg, in a smaller settlement called Turndale. His father was a roamer originally from the east and his mother was the local butcher. They had a good life, his father did odd jobs and was the best scavenger for mile since he grew up in the wastes. His mother provided them with the best cuts of meat and steady income during lulls in his fathers work. As the years past his father grew visibly restless however, he started drinking more and taking bigger risks and longer excursions into the wastes, until one day when Cormac was six his dad woke him up in the middle of the night and told him that he was leaving to visit his family, he asked him to come with him but couldn't provide him an answer when Cormac asked when they'd return. He agreed though, he'd been hearing stories about his extended family and roamer culture for years and wanted to met them. he was halfway through packing when his mother came home from work. When her husband told her what was going on she pulled a shotgun on him and demanded that he leave her home, angrily stating that their son was too young and too good to be out in the wastes. After a short argument his father conceded, only partly because he had a shotgun aimed at his chest. He kissed his son on the top of his head, told him to be good, but not too, he whispered with a wink and left. they never heard from him again. they moved to Sandsburg six years later when he was twelve. His mother died when he was fourteen in an attack by mutants.


  • Cormac Daniels
  • Cormac Daniels
  • Cormac Daniels


  • Allergies?


  • Kind of clothing?


  • Favorite animal?

    His dog, Harrison

  • Socioeconomic level?

    Not relivent

  • Socioeconomic level as a child?

    Not relivent

  • Blood type?


  • Special skills / talents?


  • Patience level?


  • Favorite foods?

    Deer roast

  • Mode of transportation?


  • Pets?

    A dog named Harrison

  • Weapon

    Pistol, a pretty good sniper

  • Smells like?


  • Least favorite color?

    Brunt orange

  • Makes a living by?

    Radio DJ

  • Race, ethnicity and nationality?

    White, American

  • Music they listen to?

    What ever he can find, he likes rock and jazz the most though

  • Bad habits?

    Never cleans his glasses, almost leaves the house without being fully dressed a lot

  • If they transitioned from their world to ours, how would they react?

    He'd probably be over joyed and eat a lot of mac and cheese

  • Does their universe have a god?

    Up for debate

  • Personal problems?

    His missing a leg so that causes some issues, how many damn stairs there are to the top of the radio tower

  • Religious and to what extent? Any spiritual beliefs?

    Not really

  • Random fact!

    Will eat anything pickled

  • Do ghosts or supernatural entities exist in their’ world?


  • What ONE item would they take to an uninhabited island?


  • Outlook on life?

    Pretty good

  • Most important person in their life

    Kizzy Westra

  • Do they like the name they were given?

    Yes, a lot

  • Addictions?


  • Languages spoken

    English, fluent in a couple new dilects that have popped up since the apociuls

  • Siblings?

    None that he knows of

  • Wears jewelry?


  • Have they ever wanted to commit suicide?

    Yes, he's been through a couple of dark patches

  • Close friends?

    Easton Hartly, Nyx Ackerly, Kizzy Westra, Joesph Penn

  • First kiss? (when and with whom)

    Tyler Barnes, when he was eight

  • Glass half full or half empty?

    Half full

  • Belief in an afterlife?

    Not really

  • Views on gambling, lying, killing, etc...?

    You do you

  • Do they stand up for what they believe in?

    Yes, of course

  • Wants to get married?


  • Wants to have kids, raise a family?


  • What's their one big kink?

    People being nice to him

  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?


  • Cat or dog person?


  • Ranch or Italian dressing?


  • Is their name a pun of anything?


  • Most traumatic experience?

    Losing his leg honestly

  • Are they ticklish?


  • Do they play any instruments?

    No, nice singing voice though

  • Coke or Pepsi?


  • Hogwarts House


  • Nickname(s)?

    Mac, Danny boy

  • Would they dare kill someone?

    Yeah, probably

  • Involved with magic or witchcraft?


  • Body modifications? (Piercings, implants, tattoos etc.)

    Yes, a wooden leg, the other leg is heavily tattooed, pierced ears

  • Can they speak any accents?

    Fake ones

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