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Franklin Alatamaha

By essiesmonsterbunch

behold his robes
  • Name

    Franklin Alatamaha

  • Age

    342 (Birthday: 19th of february)

  • Short Description

    old wiseass phooka (he has no pants on)


  • Birthday

    19th of february

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    N/A (if sitting around in your bare ass is a job he'd be employed)

  • Species


  • Gender

    Cis male

  • Significant Other


  • Family


  • Physical Description

    Franklin is a tall and lanky phooka. His skin and fur are both incredibly dark, close to pitch black. He has two sets of big, fluffy pointy ears, the pair ontop of his head larger and more hare-like than the bottom pair. He has long hair tied up in a ponytail, most of the ponytail is wrapped up in strings of what appears to be dried grass.
    He has an incredibly huge and thick amount of fur around his neck, almost like a moth's.
    He has a pair of insect-like wings on his back, but they must be for show because they're far too small to function.
    He also has a long, fuzzy tail with an even fluffier tip.
    He usually doesn't wear anything but a long silk dress that goes all the way down to his toes.

    He can also shapeshift into anything he's touched, but it'll always have slight hints of what he actually is. If he turns into a plant, for example, the petals or leaves will have a black or gray color.

  • Personality

    Franklin is clever and snarky. He's also a huge prankster, no one who passes by is safe from his antics. He's incredibly smart and, because he's been around for a while, he knows a lot of things. He just usually doesn't bother to share his wisdoms because he can't be assed to do it, but this guy's done his homework just trust me on that one.
    He's a little bit of an innocent bully. He likes to annoy people, but with not much harm intended.
    He's pretty damn lazy and prefers to just do nothing all day.

  • Sexuality


  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Scamming people, painting, pranking people, luxurious robes, soft fabrics, doing nothing all day, reading and studying, wooden furniture, drawing naked people
    Dislikes: Being disturbed, animals larger than he is, loud noises, curious passersby


  • Franklin Alatamaha
    behold his robes


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