Bianca Anne Walshen

By Fute-flowering

  • Name

    Bianca Anne Walshen   pron: Bee-Ahn-kah Ann Wall-shin

  • Age

    20 (Birthday: October 4th)

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  • Short Description

    A tube TV object head pink goo girl with a robotic right arm.


  • Nickname


  • Birthday

    October 4th

  • Zodiac


  • Species

    Normal Universe: Object head goo girl (Human AU: Human, Pakistanian)

  • Gender

    Demigirl Female sex (Pronouns: she/her/hers/herself)

  • Occupation

    College Student (Major: Fashion Design, Minor: Art and Literature)

  • Significant Other

    No one currently

  • Family

    Sharene Walshen (Mom) [Living - left Bianca and Brenda when they were 4]
    Winston Walshen (Dad) [Decreased - died from cancer]
    Sabrina Walshen (Aunt - Dad's sister) [Living - currently living with]
    Brenda Walshen (Twin) [Living - currently living with]
    Perrie Corrington (BFF) [Living]

  • Physical Description

    Human AU
    Hair: thick dark brown hair, 1b hairtype, bobcut with bangs to the left, two lilac hairclips
    Eyes: dark brown eyes, almond shaped
    Face: wears makeup (eyeshadow, lipgloss), heart shaped
    Nose: narrow, left nostril piercing,
    Lips: pouty, kinda thick (medium),
    Bodytype: endomorph (chubby)
    Other: robotic right arm

    Clothes: main outfit, hijabs, lolita, pastel goth, dresses

    Normal Universe
    Head: 1950's Tube TV with rabbit ears
    Body: pink goo, with robotic right arm

    Main outfit: black flats, pastel pink and purple striped long sleeved sweater, gold bangle bracelets, gold hoop earnings, dark grey poofy shorts,

    Same through both Normal Universe and Human AU:
    Height: 5ft. 5in. (165.09 cm)
    Weight: 146 lbs. (66.2245 kg)
    BMI: 24.3 (normal weight - alittle chubby)
    Bodytype: endomorph (chubby)

  • Fandom


  • Sexuality

    Homoromantic Asexual (only dates women (transwomen included), no sex at all; romantic attraction to only women (femininity), no sexual attraction to anyone at all)

  • Voice

    soft and sweet, alittle nasally, medium high pitchness

  • Personality

    Petty, polite, formal, sweet, outgoing, bad tempered, critical, stubborn, forgetful, moody, well mannered, extrovert, caring/sympathetic, neurotic, aggressive, lazy, disorganized, resentful, pugnacious, reactive, thorough, seraphic, romantic, orderly, passionate, loyal, blunt, genuine/sincere, generous, kind

  • Setting

    On Mars, In City Zatosl, in sector 7-A-3b (their Aunt's house)

  • Back Story

    Bianca Anne Walshen was born on October 4th (), she was the first twin to be born. A virus attacked her right arm in the womb. Therefore, the doctors gave her a robotic right arm after she was born.

    Bianca's mom left without a word with the next door neighbor when she was 4 years old.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: cats, birds, cute girls, make-up, pastel goth, lolita, hardstyle, trance, vocaloid, vanilla lattes, spicy foods, pink, purple, soft rock/easylistening, classical music, pretty things

    Dislikes: extreme messes, chocolate, rats/mice, confrontation, eggs, wheat bread, hard rock/metal, being touched without being asked, fakeness, being used,

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    Strengths: can read morse code,

  • Extra

    She has Borderline Personality Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, and Major Depression Disorder.
    Her bloodtype is B.
    She is a muslim (Her religion is Islam).

    Brenda -
    Sabrina -
    Perrie -


  • Bianca Anne Walshen


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