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    ??? (Birthday: ???)

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    The Witch

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  • Physical Description

    After being dead for so long, she forgot what she looked like, although she tend to go for those who are extremely feminine. Eyes are black and hair is blonde. Although, eventually, Zuri brings out her true form as she's convinced Zuri has yet to face her sins. Her true form has her bleeding from her head with her mouth sewn shut, a result of her death. She wears dress from her time although she doesn't remember the relevance of anything. Just anger. Just death.

    It's rumored she was beautiful when she was alive and had a craving for gold.

  • Personality

    Bitter about her death, and after reciting a forbidden curse that allowed her spirit to continue on, The Witch looks into the souls and hearts of her victims and judges them. She never wants to give her victims a chance for redemption - after all, they get to live and they chose to live in sin. Her only motivation is punishing those who committed sin... and to find the spirit of the man who killed her all those years ago.


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  • Does your character collect anything?

    Souls of the sinners who dares to stop by her house.

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