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Chenda Mae Nim

By Bela_Nightshade

  • Name

    Chenda Mae Nim   pron: chen-dah May Nihm

  • Age

    (Birthday: December 11th)


  • Birthday

    December 11th

  • Zodiac


  • Significant Other

    Ayan Beecher

  • Family

    older sister who attends the Academy too. They don't talk much, but she is one of the testifiers who wish to decimate the humans.

    hooo boy afterward she adopts so many kids like wow. the seven that get named include:
    1) Maria Mae Nim (17)
    2) Summer Beecher (15)
    3) Diana Carter (14)
    4) Carter Jones-Beecher (7)
    5) Divya Shan (16)
    6) Nate Mae Nim-Beecher (14)
    7) Alex Mae Nim-Beecher (6)
    (number after name is age her kids are when she is 23/24)


  • Chenda Mae Nim
  • Chenda Mae Nim
  • Chenda Mae Nim
  • Chenda Mae Nim


  • Favorite artist?

    Ayan Beecher

  • Alignment?

    Lawful good

  • Religious and to what extent? Any spiritual beliefs?

    Islam, she wears a tudung at all times and is heavily spiritual. She and Jaron are really close as a result because he lost touch with Islam after being moved to Iceland, and she's helping keep that connection for him.

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