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Drew Kanerva

By soymilk

  • Name

    Drew Kanerva   pron: Caan-air-vah

  • Age

    (Birthday: 5 November)


  • Nickname

    Heather (by Ben)

  • Birthday

    5 November

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Photographer (mainly nature stuff)

  • Gender


  • Significant Other

    Tol Boyfriend

  • Family

    Claire Kanerva (Mother)
    Miikael Kanerva (Father)
    Emilja Kanerva (Younger Sister)

  • Physical Description

    5'6", very skinny. He has a bit of a lazy eye on his right side which he covers with his fringe. Hair is naturally black, small undercut area above his left ear. Sometimes wears glasses, but usually wears contacts.

  • Personality

    Kind-hearted. Bit of an introvert and doesn't socialise much without being with other friends. Otherwise, he's really quiet. One of those people who would be described as "really nice once you get to know him!" by his friends.

  • Sexuality

    Demisexual, but he would be more likely to say "whoever's nice, I guess??"

  • Voice

    Still remnants of Finnish in his accent which makes it hard to place nationality wise. Soft spoken and a little croaky.

  • Back Story

    Drew lived in Finland until he was around 7 years old. His mother is a barrister and met his father (an estate agent) on a business trip to Finland from Ireland. His mum was offered a job back home in Ireland, so they moved back as a family.

    He has had hallucinations for as long as he can remember, but doctors wrote it off as just children's imaginary friends or night terrors. He decided to keep quiet about them as he got older, as it became apparent it wasn't just something everyone had. It became more of an issue at the end of high school, which led him to be put on medication. Many of his school friends were into recreational drugs at parties so it was easy to self medicate up to this point. When asked about his school antics he always stresses that a)he doesn't recommend it and b)he's not proud of it, but at the time it felt like a good idea.

    He says it's just something he puts up with now, as even though it can be off-putting sometimes it's manageable. Still, he prefers to keep quiet about his diagnoses due to the stigma related to it.

    He studied photography at university, in which he and Alana were on the same course. He focuses on nature and animals mostly in contrast to her interest fashion. After his first year, his family decided to move back to Finland as his sister was considering studying there in the future. He likes to visit over the Christmas period (much to Ben's confusion, as the area he's from averages around -15c in the winter).

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Tea, music, horror movies/games.

    Dislikes: Getting ill, biting insects.

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    Strengths: Intelligent, talented, kind-hearted.

    Weaknesses: Doesn't take the best care of himself sometimes, introverted.

  • Extra

    Suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder, but is usually controlled pretty well with medication. However he does still hallucinate quite often, usually following themes of body horror and strange looking people. Medication gives more insight to them however, so he can understand that whatever he sees isn't causing any real harm.


  • Drew Kanerva
  • Drew Kanerva
  • Drew Kanerva
  • Drew Kanerva
  • Drew Kanerva
  • Drew Kanerva
  • Drew Kanerva


  • Kind of clothing?

    Anything with a flannel pattern. Also thick, warm jumpers!

  • Favorite animal?


  • Theme song?

    Oblivion- Grimes

  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Socioeconomic level as a child?

    Upper Class

  • Blood type?


  • Hobbies?

    Making music; think Grimes but instrumental.

  • Special skills / talents?

    Played piano since a young kid so is pretty skilled at it.

  • Home town?

    Sodankylä, Lapland

  • Where they live now?

    Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • Makes a living by?

    Freelance photographer, also does the odd music commission.

  • Jung Personality Type?


  • Fears or phobias?

    Being sick

  • Race, ethnicity and nationality?

    Finnish (Father) / Irish (Mother)

  • Music they listen to?

    Sia, Bjork, Massive Attack

  • Personal problems?

    Has had issues with psychosis since a very young kid, but wasn't treated until late teens due to it being seen as 'just kids having imaginary friends' during childhood. Keeps it pretty quiet and good at hiding how he feels.

  • Kind of student if they attend/were to attend school? (e.g. class clown, straight A)

    Pretty academic, good at science but bad at language related classes.

  • What (if they can) does your character eat?

    He eats little and often as he hates feeling nauseous. This way there's no chance of eating too much and feeling ill after.

  • Languages spoken

    Finnish, English

  • Siblings?

    Younger Sister (18)

  • Nickname(s)?

    Heather (by Ben). His second name is Finnish for the plant heather, which Ben found strangely interesting so he started calling him that whenever he could.

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