Alexander Clarksinion

By Kikulicious

First Date
  • Name

    Alexander Clarksinion

  • Age


  • Short Description

    He's trying his best!!!


  • Nickname

    Alex; Smol

  • Occupation


  • Species


  • Gender


  • Family

    Syriana Clarksinion

  • Physical Description

    Human Form:

    About 5'5", the shortest among his species, Alexander is a stocky type of fellow. He isn't per say fat, it is just the way his bones were built, if you ask him about it. His hair is a regular brown color, very generic, with the back of his hair all spiky and the front of it smooth with a left-side part bangs. Eyes are a dark blue, and skin is fairly pale from not going out as often as the other Universalists. For scars, Alex has straight, circuit-like scars around his eyes, some that are almost faded to recent ones still red from any energy malfunction that could happen with his powers. On his back, around where his neck connects to his back, is a giant, lightening bolt-looking scar that goes all down his back.

    For clothing, Alex always wears his black goggles, for safety reasons and to hide the scars that are around his eyes. They are silver-rimmed, and the lenses are, well, black, so you can't see what's behind them. His outfit is very basic, a black t-shirt and some worn-out blue jeans, with the only thing significant a stained white lab-coat. The stains are mostly oil and other types of mechanical fluids from the many machines Alex works on when he isn't advising his other Universalists. It has a popped out collar that goes up halfway towards his neck, and his shoes are just regular black converse or boots.

  • Personality

    Intelligence and improves problem solving skills has gotten him nowhere with interacting with people. It has caused Alex to be incredibly awkward in his social skills, and takes a more hands-on like hugging or rubbing anyone's arms to convey how he feels. Which creeps a lot of people out, and thus more loneliness.

    However that doesn't stop him from getting too over-excited, and tends to exaggerate his expressions and movements when he doesn't have them in check.

    From being alone, Alex has had much time for his work and sort of became a workaholic. Not that he was a perfectionist, but he can't stop until his job is done. Hence why Alex has become , like many scientists, an insomniac.

    Also, Alex is quite handy with technology and is quite smart in build by machines, thanks to his technopathic powers.

  • Fandom

    The Balancing Act

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    His voice cracks when he talks and has a little bit of a deep voice.

  • Setting

    Main setting is the Space Station in the UV Pocket Dimension; Set in other universes that vary greatly.

  • Back Story


  • Ongoing Story

    Alex deals with organizing the missions and data the other Universalists collect from said missions. Each data is crucial in finding out more about the Multiverse, but also maybe finding a key to what exactly a Universalist and what the balance is.

    A more specific thing he does to try and get more information about his own species is hacking and exploring the data within the space station that the Universalists live in. Which is pretty hard, even for an esteemed hacker like himself.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    -Being helpful
    -Taking things apart then putting them back together into the same machine or something completely different
    -The Internet
    -Learning new things about his own species

    -Large crowds
    -Being ignored on purpose
    -Panic Attacks/Anxiety Attacks
    -Being unhelpful/frustrated
    -Unable to socialize properly because of his anxiety

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    -Computer Smarts, able to hack into devices even without his technopathic powers
    -Engineering Smarts, or that even without his powers, can build amazing machinery in a short amount of time
    -Battle Strategy and/or Mission probabilities, or when he, like his sister, is very adapt to strategy, but more in the sense of a no-violence
    -Highly organized and keeps records of all their adventures and information from Universes in a neat and organized fashion

    -Awful at close combat, having only a limited amount of experience, and the only experience he has is defense
    -Limited power access (Only to Electronic Power)
    -Not able to focus for long stretches of time when using his time abilities
    -Even more awful social skills, mistaking social cues that are acceptable in other universes for ones that aren't in Universes that he visits. Probably due to his anxiety or lack of people interaction
    -Can't swim. (Will sink to the bottom and just sit there, since he per say doesn't have to breath to live. Just kind of sit and be traumatized)

  • Extra

    He is the Universalist with the ability of Technopath, making him able to bend metal and electricity to make any machine. That equips him with the power of vast knowledge on anything machinery or electronic, including guns, ships, and numerous other things. Also, Alex has the most useful power in the entire Multi-Verse: His body is essentially a hot-spot for the internet. Other abilities include traveling through wires, internet by turning into electricity, disabling guns/machines in a matter of seconds, and able to control the equipment at the CUPS.

    One downside to his techno-powers is that he has to build the machine first before building it with his mind. He needs to figure out how everything works and not get caught up in the 'what if's'. Sure he could theoretically create a machine from just looking at it, but it takes a lot mroe focus and guesswork. 1 out of 10 times he has done this has the machine malfunctioned from a little detail Alexander has missed.

    Another power that he holds is slowing time. Now, he doesn't know when this power started, but it wasn't always with him. Hence why Alex uses it in small amounts. It doesn't affect his power draining, making it very useful when he doesn't have access to any of his electric powers. Can slow time down for an extended period of time, but cannot keep it slowed due to a concentration issue. The more he uses his power the less concentration he has on it. Useful for breaking down machines in seconds and putting them back up in even less time, dodging projectiles and greatly used in his self-defense.

    The only downside of this is his main power is that it is very limited. Any one of his electric powers has different energy take-offs, the electricity movement one of the biggest. If he reaches the limit of his power, it shuts off. Having his power gone means that he'll start to puke up his blood(his silvery blood) in an effort to stabilize himself to at least 5% power. (Universalist blood is the energy source Alex takes to use his powers, but it is different for every Universalist). If Alex tries to use more of his power while at his 'shut-off' mode, results in exhaustion, migraines, and worst case scenario, death.


  • Alexander Clarksinion
    First Date
  • Alexander Clarksinion
    (Don't mind his large hands ;w; )
  • Alexander Clarksinion
    Baby's first failed mission (Comission art)
  • Alexander Clarksinion
    Shading Practice
  • Alexander Clarksinion
    Alex with his to be maybe boyfriend Sergio (art by tumblr user Lukas-animations
  • Alexander Clarksinion
    By mono-chan <3


  • Kind of clothing?

    Always wears a white lab coat with a giant collar that goes up his neck halfway. Underneath, he wears a black t-shirt and wears dark blue pants. Shoes are black converse or just slippers, when he's in the lab for longer periods of time. When isn't wearing this outfit, usually has casual clothing on, t-shirts and pants of different colors.

  • First memory?

    Being woken from his cryo-tube, just like the other Universalists.

  • Favorite animal?


  • Least favorite animal?


  • What element would they be?

    Electricity (Air)

  • Theme song?

    Crazy=Genius by Panic At The Disco

  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Which animal would they be?


  • Blood type?

    Silver Blood

  • Special skills / talents?

    Can take apart machines with his mind and create intricate machines from blueprints he had memorized throughout his time in his lab. Has talent in computer engineering and organizing files and other items for the Universalists.

  • Patience level?

    Has no patience what so ever unless it involves a computer

  • Regrets?

    Not being around the other Universalists as much as he wants to because of his work.

  • Favorite place?

    His room, when everything is okay in the universe and everything he has done is done.

  • Favorite foods?

    Doesn't really care, but his preference is meats and Italian.

  • Dream place to live?

    Somewhere other than the cramped spaces of the Space Station he currently lives at.

  • Mode of transportation?

    Walking, and sometimes for longer distances stops time so he gets there on time.

  • Pets?


  • Weapon

    Usually creates electric stun guns that he keeps in pieces in his pocket, so that they go undetected.

  • Smells like?

    Smoke from engines and sweat, however if he showers he smells like watermelon and strawberries which is his favorite body wash.

  • How do they feel about love?

    Doesn't feel like he's worth having love so he just wants to be friends but falls in love anyways.

  • Quote / catchphrase

    "I'll sleep when I'm dead." "I'm not cute, I'm aesthetically pleasing!"

  • Least favorite color?


  • Where they live now?

    In a Space Station in a far away pocket Dimension.

  • Makes a living by?

    Being the Head Sceintist/Organizer of the Universalists

  • Fears or phobias?

    Fear of being used, mentally and physically; Fear of losing his mind/Losing control of his time power

  • Race, ethnicity and nationality?

    Looks Caucasian

  • Music they listen to?

    Anything except country. Prefers Alternative and Electro-Swing

  • Bad habits?

    Not sleeping. Ever.

  • What turns them on?

    The insides of his thighs and his neck are sensitive

  • What turns them off?


  • If they transitioned from their world to ours, how would they react?

    Normally, because his job is to infiltrate worlds that are like ours.

  • Pet peeves?

    People leaving his GODDAMN DOORS OPEN. And doing stuff behind his back that involve him in someway is annoying as well.

  • Personal problems?

    Not remembering his past before the soul injection and not being stable enough to go out on missions.

  • Religious and to what extent? Any spiritual beliefs?


  • Kind of student if they attend/were to attend school? (e.g. class clown, straight A)

    Straight A; Robotics Club Leader

  • Random fact!

    Alex can't swim and is the only Universalist that is not able to do so.

  • Do ghosts or supernatural entities exist in their’ world?

    In some worlds they visit

  • Role in a Disney movie

    The fallen hero training the new hero

  • What ONE item would they take to an uninhabited island?

    His laptop (he himself gives off a hotspot and he can charge the laptop if he concentrate)

  • Outlook on life?


  • What or who inspired you to create them?

    I wanted a smol brother for my tol space lady

  • Most important person in their life

    All the Universalists

  • Favorite object?

    Doesn't have one, has many different gadgets that he loves but can never choose from his children.

  • When did you create this character?

    Centuries ago

  • If your character has a significant other, what would their song be?

    Stand By You by Rachael Platton

  • What was your character like as a child?


  • What (if they can) does your character eat?

    Anything really

  • What is something other people assume about your character?

    Anti-social and Weird

  • Do they like the name they were given?


  • Nervous habits?

    Shakes when nervous or scared

  • Addictions?


  • Languages spoken


  • Siblings?

    Syriana Clarksinion

  • Wears jewelry?


  • Have they ever wanted to commit suicide?


  • Close friends?

    Other Universalists

  • As a child, what did they want to be when they grew up?


  • First kiss? (when and with whom)

    Drake Evergreen, when he was drunk off his butt

  • Glass half full or half empty?

    Half Empty

  • Belief in an afterlife?

    No, thinks its the void for his species (Or for himself)

  • Do they stand up for what they believe in?


  • How much do they value money?

    Not really valued

  • Wants to get married?


  • Wants to have kids, raise a family?


  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?


  • Cat or dog person?


  • Ranch or Italian dressing?


  • Is there one fictional character (print/stage/screen) you could compare them to?

    Dexter from Dexter's Labratory

  • Is their name a pun of anything?


  • Anyone they really hate?

    The Enlightened; The Darkened

  • Most traumatic experience?

    On the mission being shot in the face with a laser.

  • Favorite memory?

    His first sucessful mission by himself

  • What brings them the most joy?

    Spending time off his work

  • Are they ticklish?

    Hell. Yes.

  • Do they play any instruments?

    Plays a mean piano

  • Coke or Pepsi?


  • Hogwarts House


  • Important people in their life

    The Universalists

  • Nickname(s)?

    Cyborg; Smol bunny

  • Spirit animal


  • Would they dare kill someone?

    Only if it was the last resort

  • Would your character be willing to sacrifice order and sanity to live in a crazy fantasy world where anything was possible, or do all in their power to prevent that from happening?

    Prevent that from happening

  • Which historical figure (either real or in-universe) do they most evoke?

    Alan Turing

  • Can they speak any accents?


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