Sergio Stravinsky

By Kikulicious

Cute big bby (comission art created by tumblr user Lukas-animations
  • Name

    Sergio Stravinsky

  • Age

    Unknown (Birthday: June 1st)

  • Short Description

    Healer/Doctor of the Universalists


  • Nickname

    Serge; Jake

  • Birthday

    June 1st

  • Occupation


  • Species


  • Gender


  • Family


  • Physical Description

    Sergio is the 'thickest' of the Universalist, but still quite healthy(It would be concerning considering he is a doctor). He has hazel-brown colored eyes which always have bags under his eyes from just worry and staying up to help others. Swirls and dots litter his entire body except his face, and he has slightly spiky black hair, and big bushy eyebrows.Has a 5 o'clock shadow and very stubbly.

    Usual outfits are what some people would call 'comforting'. He doesn't wear anything that might intimidate people, and goes with either a formal sweater-vest, equipped with a purple tie and white undershirt, or his casual attire of plain t-shirts and baggy cargo pants.

  • Personality

    Ever the gentleman, Sergio is quiet and polite to mostly everyone he meets. He deals with everything with a noble standing and can gets very annoyed at people who don't show good manners to others, but has a high tolerance to it if its to himself. Be prepared to be properly scolded if he catches you being rude to someone else mind you.

    However, when he gets too excited or frustrated, he swears like a mad man and his shadowy companions kind of move off his skin in a swirling mess (For instance, doing dumb shit with Drake). This doesn't happen often but can make him look very intimidating if his large form didn't already. On the inside, all he wants to do is heal which is hard when your healing methods make people scared of you.

  • Fandom

    The Balancing Act

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    Deep voice but in a soothing type

  • Ongoing Story

    He is the Official Healer/Doctor of the Universalists and the missions he takes are either dealing with diseases or disasters/tragedies, or fantasy/medieval based.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    -Healing People
    -In general helping others

    -People running away from him
    -Being called a monster
    -Giant birds

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    -When in combat, any minor wounds on his body can be instantly healed with his shadow tattoos and for longer periods of time, if he isn't hurt, can heal more major wounds on his body
    -Can engulf his arms in shadows to create bigger hands and use them in battle
    -For more self-defense purposes, has excellent skills in using hand-guns, shot-guns, and any other close range guns
    -Incredible amount of endurance
    -Standard Universalist strength, which is stronger than humans and most other species

    -Using his shadow hands/his shadow form is very energy draining and will cause them to eventually be intangible again
    -Healing process is slowed by the intensity of the sun or other light sources
    -Focuses more on defense than offense
    -Big baby

  • Extra

    Powers include healing shadow forms that leave temporary tattoos in place of physical wounds which all have different forms. If it is something minor, the shadow will only stay there for a few minutes, then disappear. If it is more major or life threatening, the shadow will take a certain shape and stay on the body until the entire wound has healed.

    Shadows can only become tangible if he 'becomes' a shadow monster or become truely shadows around his arms. In this form he is able to travel great distances through shadowed places and create such things as giant hands and different assortments of tangible tools to help him out. These form's main purpose though is moving about undetectable, since this form makes Sergio blend in with shadows to become 'one of them' so to speak. Cannot be in this form for too long since it takes up a lot of energy.

    Believed to bring people back from the dead if they had been recently killed. However, Sergio cannot save people if they have been dead for more than 30 minutes, and if so, would need the combined help of his friend Drake's power of getting the 'soul' back.

    Though he can use the shadow-like shapes on his body, can take shadows from his surroundings and use them for healing purpose. However, in direct sunlight for long periods of time might slow down their process.


  • Sergio Stravinsky
    Cute big bby (comission art created by tumblr user Lukas-animations
  • Sergio Stravinsky
    updated stuff
  • Sergio Stravinsky
    Headshots of Sergio and Syri
  • Sergio Stravinsky
    Young Sergio
  • Sergio Stravinsky
    Sergio hugging his big gay crush (art by tumblr user Lukas-animations )


  • Kind of clothing?

    Casual attire mostly, prefers sweater-vests and neck-ties to bring the whole 'Doctor-esque' feel

  • Favorite animal?

    Bearded Dragon

  • What element would they be?


  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Which animal would they be?

    Bearded Dragon

  • Patience level?

    Above Average

  • Favorite foods?

    Pies and other pastries

  • Weapon

    Dual-Shotgun (Because he's a doctor why not give him a badass weapon just in case)

  • Smells like?

    Cherry Lollipops and/or the grass after it had just rained

  • How do they feel about love?

    He wants to be loved and to love someone just as much as someone loves him

  • Quote / catchphrase


  • Fears or phobias?

    Fear of being burned alive

  • Kind of student if they attend/were to attend school? (e.g. class clown, straight A)

    That student who does all the work and everyone still keeps wondering why he has the best grades in the class

  • Role in a Disney movie

    Misunderstood Hero who everyone thinks is a villian

  • Outlook on life?


  • What (if they can) does your character eat?

    He usually likes to eat a healthy diet but isn't afraid to eat a pie slice once in awhile if he knows its good to have it.

  • What is something other people assume about your character?


  • Close friends?

    Drake Evergreen

  • Glass half full or half empty?

    Half Full

  • Do they stand up for what they believe in?


  • Wants to get married?


  • Wants to have kids, raise a family?


  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?


  • Cat or dog person?


  • Ranch or Italian dressing?


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