Drake Evergreen

By Kikulicious

  • Name

    Drake Evergreen

  • Age


  • Short Description

    He is one of the Eight Universalists that live on the last Universal Space Station, and currently works in Apocalyptic Response Scenarios.


  • Occupation

    Part of a Apocalyptic Response Team

  • Species


  • Gender

    Trans Male

  • Significant Other


  • Family


  • Physical Description

    One of the taller Universalists, yet not quite the tallest, Drake stands at about 6'1". His skin is fairly dark, and has brown hair with a big orange-red floof going down the center of his head. Eyes all black, narrow, with a white pupil in the middle. Drake is lanky, yet still has the muscle force to lift a semi-truck. (mostly, he's a big baby to lifting things)

  • Personality

    If I could have one word to describe Drake it would be...Reckless. He is always quick to judge others and doesn't quite think about the consequences afterwards. Don't get me wrong he is intelligent, but if he has one thought in his mind before than he is damn sure to go through with it. Which is why he always butts heads with Syri, since she is the more planner type leader.

    Even with this flaw, Drake is hella loyal and protective of his family. He always loves to make them laugh and tries anything he can to make sure they are all right. With a little bit of pranks and good humor to go along with it.

  • Sexuality


  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    Brute Force, Ability to get a job done quickly, and to break out of tough situations
    Doesn't think things through, has trouble with long battles and planning them out, again super reckless in attacks and could do more damage on the environment than the actual target

  • Extra

    Power is summoning. He can summon religious based creatures, mostly fire-based demons or angels, to fight by his side. Summoning comes from ritual circles he can make on the spot and can have up to 10 creatures out before it can become hectic.

    Main Summon:
    Hell-Hounds (Designed as half reptilian/dog type)
    Cerberus (The Three-headed Dog from Greek Mythology)
    Fallen Angels (In General)
    Animalistic Demons


  • Drake Evergreen


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