Brenda Marie Walshen

By Fute-flowering

  • Name

    Brenda Marie Walshen   pron: Brendah Mah-ree Wall-shin

  • Age

    20 (Birthday: October 4th)

  • Short Description

    A tube TV object head pink goo girl.


  • Nickname

    Bree or Bree-Bree (given by Bianca)

  • Birthday

    October 4th

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Pet shop Employee

  • Species

    Normal Universe: Object head goo girl; Human AU: Human, Pakistanian

  • Gender

    Girl/woman (Cisgender) Female sex (Pronouns: she/her/hers/herself)

  • Significant Other

    No one currently

  • Family

    Sharene Walshen (Mom) [Living - left Bianca and Brenda when they were 4]
    Winston Walshen (Dad) [Decreased - died from cancer]
    Sabrina Walshen (Aunt - Dad's sister) [Living - currently living with]
    Bianca Walshen (Twin) [Living - currently living with]
    Perrie Corrington (BFF) [Living]

  • Physical Description

    Human AU
    Hair: thick dark brown hair, 1b hairtype, bobcut with bangs to the left, messy
    Eyes: dark brown eyes, almond shaped
    Face: heart shaped
    Nose: narrow
    Lips: kinda thick (medium), lip piercing (left side - bottom lip), tongue piercing,
    Bodytype: mesomorph (athletic)
    Other: belly button piercing

    Clothes: main outfit, leather jackets, jean jackets, sneakers, baseball caps, arm warmers

    Normal Universe
    Head: 1950's Tube TV with rabbit ears
    Body: pink goo

    Main outfit: grey cargo pants, black clunky boots, dark grey and purple thin striped short sleeved t-shirt,

    Same through both Normal Universe and Human AU:
    Height: 5ft. 5in. (165.09 cm)
    Weight: 122 lbs. (55.3383 kg)
    BMI: 20.3 (normal weight)
    Bodytype: mesomorph (athletic)

  • Fandom


  • Sexuality

    Homoromantic Pansexual (romantic attraction to only women, sexual attraction to anyone, gender and sex doesn't matter)

  • Voice

    clear, medium pitched (kinda low but still feminine), kinda nasally like her sister's

  • Setting

    On Mars, In City Zatosl, in sector 7-A-3b (their Aunt's house)

  • Extra

    She has ADHD (hyperactive type), Depression (Dysthymia), and anger issues.
    Her bloodtype is B, just like her twin's.
    She is agnostic (She has no religion).

    Bianca -
    Sabrina -
    Perrie -


  • Brenda Marie Walshen


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