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Thomas Hunter

By VerdeTheNameless

By Rainshadow
  • Name

    Thomas Hunter

  • Age


  • Short Description

    Blond joker with knife skills.


  • Nickname

    Tom, Tommy (by his siblings)

  • Occupation

    Demon hunter

  • Species

    Human (Mage)

  • Gender


  • Significant Other


  • Family

    Unknown parents (imprisoned)
    Unknown uncle (deceased)
    Benjamin Hunter (brother)
    Caitlin Hunter (sister)
    Anastasia Hunter (cousin)
    David Banewood (adopted brother)

  • Physical Description

    Tom is short and thin but fairly muscular. He has short blond hair and sapphire blue eyes.

  • Personality

    Tom is the joker of the pack. He is sarcastic and witty, and always tries to keep other people's spirits up. He is incredibly kind and caring.

  • Fandom


  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    He has a lower-middle class English accent and his voice is slightly high.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Jokes, comic books, watching movies and tv shows, playing video games and food

    Dislikes: Boring people, people with no sense of humour, prejudice, spiders and stupid people

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    Strengths: Good command over water magic, quick, good with a knife.

    Weaknesses: Not overly physically strong, impulsive, cocky.

  • Extra

    His middle name is Alfred.


  • Thomas Hunter
    By Rainshadow
  • Thomas Hunter
    By Rainshadow
  • Thomas Hunter
    By Rainshadow
  • Thomas Hunter
    By Rainshadow
  • Thomas Hunter
    Made using Rinmaru games.
  • Thomas Hunter
    Made using Rinmaru games.


  • Favorite color?

    Dark blue

  • Kind of clothing?

    He typically wears a dark blue pull-on hoodie, lighter blue jeans and black trainers.

  • What element would they be?


  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Weapon

    A curved knife

  • Where they live now?

    Yewbreak Academy

  • Makes a living by?

    Hunting demons

  • Fears or phobias?


  • Race, ethnicity and nationality?

    Caucasian, English/Italian, English

  • What turns them on?

    Hot people

  • Personal problems?

    Abusive parents and neglectful siblings. Drinks for the sake of getting drunk.

  • Do ghosts or supernatural entities exist in their’ world?


  • Role in a Disney movie

    Cool best friend

  • Addictions?

    Alcohol, possibly.

  • Siblings?

    He considers his best friend, David Banewood, to be his adopted brother. He also has two biological siblings called Benjamin and Caitlin, but he doesn't see them anymore.

  • First kiss? (when and with whom)

    He can't remember. It was probably in a club.

  • Glass half full or half empty?

    Half full

  • Do they stand up for what they believe in?


  • How much do they value money?

    A sane amount.

  • What's their one big kink?

    That would be telling.

  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?


  • Cat or dog person?


  • Anyone they really hate?

    Alexander Banewood, his parents, his siblings.

  • Hogwarts House


  • Would they dare kill someone?

    If he had to.

  • Involved with magic or witchcraft?


  • Body modifications? (Piercings, implants, tattoos etc.)

    He has a tattoo of a sea serpent on his lower back

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