Monet Daviau

By gruesomegold

Art by tumblr user Heronfoot
  • Name

    Monet Daviau

  • Age

    25 (Birthday: July 2)

  • Short Description

    Blind aromantic with green hair who platonically loves everyone


  • Nickname


  • Birthday

    July 2

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Shop Owner

  • Species

    Half human half silvori

  • Gender

    Androgynous (he/they)

  • Family

    His mother and his half-brother, Jacques.

  • Physical Description

    Monet has long muddy green colored hair with 2 thin white braids on the right side. He is somewhat tall and his ears are pierced. His eyes are light gray with herbivore pupils and long lashes, he also has a birth mark under his right eye.
    Height: 6'0”

  • Personality

    Monet is very kind, trusting, gentle and altruistic. Due to his tendency to avoid conflict at almost any cost he can be a bit of a pushover though. He is loyal to his friends and family, honest and very hard working. He is courteous but when it comes to more than a brief interaction he is rather socially awkward. Monet can be a bit overly emotional but usually tends to stay on the logical side of things.

  • Sexuality

    Aromantic and bisexual

  • Back Story

    Monet was conceived when his mother cheated on her then-husband and the two divorced while he was still in the womb. He lived alone with his mother though he got to see his older half-brother every weekend. He was born legally blind, in part causing his brother to be so protective of him, and has a service dog. He, like everyone on his mothers side of the family, struggles with insomnia due to an ancient curse, a side affect of which is his strangely colored hair.
    He has always loved helping people and after he was done with school he studied to become a therapist. After he started working he eventually, after ignoring quite a few signs, admitted that the job wasn't right for him. He got to emotionally attached to each of his patients struggles which caused a decline in his own mental health and caused his insomnia to worsen. He started to feel better after he quit though this experience had definitely changed him.
    Of course since he isn't rich, and didn't like feeling so unproductive, he had to decide on a new career. When Blythe, one of his former patients, asked around if anyone was willing to co run a coffee shop with her he said yes. He eventually incorporated one of his favorite hobbies, candle making, into the shop as well so people could now buy some of the beautiful candles decorating the shop.

  • Ongoing Story

    He runs the candle shop half of his and Blythe's joint coffee & candle shop.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Books(especially horror and sci-fi), dogs, mushrooms, crafts, weaponry

  • Extra

    He's left handed. He is blind enough that glasses don't really help, he can however make out light sources(like where the windows are if it's daytime) and generally see where large objects are(couches, closets, etc.) if the room he's in is very well lit.


  • Monet Daviau
    Art by tumblr user Heronfoot
  • Monet Daviau


  • Favorite animal?


  • What element would they be?


  • Alignment?

    Neutral Good

  • Pets?

    His service dog

  • How do they feel about love?

    He loves many people platonically and thinks love is a wonderful and important thing but is very uncomfortable with any sort of romantic love

  • Outlook on life?


  • What or who inspired you to create them?

    ...moss, like the plant moss

  • Most important person in their life

    His brother probably

  • What was your character like as a child?

    Well behaved

  • Siblings?

    A half-brother

  • Wears jewelry?

    Yes in the form of earings

  • Glass half full or half empty?

    half full

  • Views on gambling, lying, killing, etc...?

    Very bad and should not be done if avoidable

  • Do they stand up for what they believe in?


  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?


  • Cat or dog person?

    dog person

  • Hogwarts House


  • Nickname(s)?


  • Would they dare kill someone?


  • Body modifications? (Piercings, implants, tattoos etc.)


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