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Cho Myung-Hye

By Kavonovak

Moon Geun Young; A.K.A. most likely what Myung-Hye would look like irl.
  • Name

    Cho Myung-Hye

  • Age

    23 (Birthday: May 5)


  • Nickname

    Baby face (much to her annoyance)

  • Birthday

    May 5

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Pirate, formerly noblewoman

  • Species


  • Gender


  • Physical Description

    A 23 year old who looks barely 18. Her hair is tied back in a somewhat traditional bun. Her once clean pink hanbok is now quite dirty and a bit on the tattered side.

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    Stephanie Sheh

  • Back Story

    Born into Korean nobility, Myung-Hye lived a very comfortable life. However, when her parents forced her into a marriage she in no way wanted, she weighed her options: marry her third cousin, or stow away on a ship going anywhere. She, quite blindly to her admission, chose the latter option. Soon after stowing away on the ship, however, did Myung-Hye realize that she was on a pirate ship. A flying one to be exact. Soon after that revelation did she meet the ship's captain, Akira Hook.

  • Ongoing Story

    After some time under Akira's guidance, Myung-Hye is now thrust head-on into the world of sky piracy. In a time that was both good and bad. Good, because everyone had a lot of loot on them. Bad, because everyone was competing with almost everyone for a mythical prize of sorts. And Myung-Hye was in the midst of all of this.


  • Cho Myung-Hye
    Moon Geun Young; A.K.A. most likely what Myung-Hye would look like irl.


  • Least favorite animal?


  • Theme song?

    New Horizons by flyleaf

  • Socioeconomic level as a child?


  • Regrets?

    Every now and then, she regrets stowing away on Akira's ship.

  • Mode of transportation?

    Her ship.

  • Most appropriate TV trope(s)?

    Took A Level in Badass, Runaway Bride, Older Than They Look,

  • How do they feel about love?

    Not interested

  • Makes a living by?


  • Race, ethnicity and nationality?


  • Pet peeves?

    Being called 'Baby Face'. Just don't do it unless you want her to punch you.

  • Personal problems?

    Her parents wanting her to marry a relative of hers, which is why she stowed away on Akira's ship to begin with.

  • If your character has a significant other, what would their song be?

  • What (if they can) does your character eat?

    While she prefers fancy high-quality foods and cuisines, she has opened up her palette to more foods for necessity's sake.

  • Nervous habits?

    She tends to bite her nails quite a bit when she's nervous, which she beats herself up for a lot.

  • Languages spoken

    Korean, English, some Japanese

  • Wants to get married?


  • Wants to have kids, raise a family?

    Maybe take someone under her wing when she's older.

  • What's their one big kink?

    How about no.

  • How has their look/design changed over time?

    Honestly, not all that much.

  • Are they ticklish?

    Yes, but she will fight you if you try to tickle her.

  • Nickname(s)?

    Baby Face, much to her annoyance.

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