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Claude "Clove" Polanski

By Kavonovak

  • Name

    Claude "Clove" Polanski   pron: Clawd

  • Age

    23 (at start) (Birthday: November 11)


  • Nickname

    Clove, which he prefers everyone to call him.

  • Birthday

    November 11

  • Zodiac


  • Occupation

    Police officer

  • Species


  • Gender

    Trans man

  • Family

    David Sokolsky,Father (Alive, but in prison)
    Mother (Deceased)
    2 brothers and 2 sisters (Deceased)
    Maternal grandparents
    Teresa Polanska (Ancestor)
    Claude Polanski I (Ancestor)

  • Physical Description

    Stands at 5'8" with short, somewhat messy dark brown/black hair and green eyes.

  • Personality

    Clove is typically a sarcastic and somewhat hostile individual, sometimes escalating into arguments with less than pleasant suspects, or just suspects who he finds aggravating.
    In spite of this, Clove is shown to frequently develop attractions to at least one person in each district. Usually, the target of these attractions are less than noble people. Among Clove's crushes are:
    Ginger (A prostitute who he had a small crush on)
    Rachel Priest (Who ended up dead)
    James Savage (While not a killer or dead, he's not the most upstanding man.)
    Tess Goodwin (Who is a serial killer)
    Adam Bentley (shady af, also ends up dead)
    Clove is also shown to barely get along with his first partner Jones, who he frequently rails on for not doing much work compared to him, among other things. As the series progresses, though, he starts to show genuine kindness and concern for Jones, especially after Chief King's suicide, which both were a witness to.
    He also has a fondness for drinking after work, which is how he and Roxi in Pacific Bay start an almost immediate friendship.

  • Fandom

    Criminal Case

  • Sexuality


  • Voice

    I think of him sounding like Raiden in BroadSpectrumStudios' dub of Let's Destroy Metal Gear Solid again.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Dislikes: David Jones (for a while),

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    * Good eye for detail
    * Pretty damn good at his job
    * When he's not chill, he's NOT chill
    * Bad habit of having crushes on shady people


  • Claude "Clove" Polanski


  • Kind of clothing?

    Work-friendly clothes (basically a pant suit with a vest and tie), or whatever suspects give him to wear

  • Theme song?

    What I've Overcome by Fireflight

  • Alignment?

    Lawful neutral

  • Deadly sin that best represents them?


  • Socioeconomic level?

    upper middle class

  • Socioeconomic level as a child?

    Upper class

  • Special skills / talents?

    eye for detail,

  • Patience level?

    Depends heavily on his mood and who he's talking to

  • Role model?

    Chief King (until his death)

  • Mode of transportation?

    Usually police car

  • Weapon

    Handgun, as part of the job.

  • Most appropriate TV trope(s)?

    Deadpan Snarker, Jerkass Woobie, Jerk With A Heart of Gold, Eagle-Eye Detection

  • Smells like?

    Cologne, sometimes (read: frequently) like garbage from digging for evidence

  • Quote / catchphrase


  • Least favorite color?

    Certain shades of yellow. They hurt his eyes.

  • Makes a living by?

    Police work

  • Jung Personality Type?


  • Fears or phobias?

    Boats, cannibals, Ingrid Bjorn

  • Race, ethnicity and nationality?

    Polish American

  • If they transitioned from their world to ours, how would they react?

    Our worlds are more or less the same, so I doubt he would be too shaken up.

  • Religious and to what extent? Any spiritual beliefs?

    He considers himself to be Jewish, though how devoted he is is a mystery.

  • Role in a Disney movie


  • What or who inspired you to create them?

    My desire to write an abridged Criminal Case series.

  • Do they like the name they were given?

    Clove liked it well enough to change "Claudia" to "Claude" when he transitioned.

  • Languages spoken

    from order of proficiency:English, Polish, Spanish, Yiddish

  • Siblings?

    2 brothers and two sisters, all are dead.

  • Wears jewelry?


  • Glass half full or half empty?

    Half empty (most of the time)

  • Wants to get married?

    He does later on.

  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?

    Either agressive or defensive, depending on the situation

  • Nickname(s)?


  • Would they dare kill someone?

    Only if he absolutely felt that he needed to.

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