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Jasper Scott

By VerdeTheNameless

By Sigfuno
  • Name

    Jasper Scott

  • Age


  • Short Description

    Perfect li'l gay baby who's nice to everyone but also takes martial arts and can fuck you up if it comes down to it.


  • Nickname


  • Species


  • Gender


  • Significant Other


  • Family

    Joseph Scott (Father)
    Dianne Scott (Mother)
    Izzy Scott (Little sister)

  • Physical Description

    He is of average height and lean with darkly tanned skin, wavy chocolate brown hair and golden eyes. His muscles are quite defined.

  • Personality

    He is immensely friendly, possessed of a generally happy demeanour, optimistic, open and encouraging. However, he is also stubborn and refuses to take shit from anyone. He has a mischievous side and a strange sense of humour. He's very popular, but also a huge dork.

  • Sexuality

    Gay af.

  • Likes/Dislikes

    Likes: Reading, singing, listening to music, watching TV/movies, martial arts, being with friends, parties and the internet.

    Dislikes: Dickheads, being bored, maths, loud, sudden noises, the cold and large spiders.


  • Jasper Scott
    By Sigfuno
  • Jasper Scott
    Made using Rinmaru games.
  • Jasper Scott
    By Rainshadow


  • Favorite color?

    Pale blue.

  • Kind of clothing?


  • Favorite animal?


  • Least favorite animal?

    Funnelweb spider.

  • What element would they be?


  • Which animal would they be?


  • Patience level?


  • How do they feel about love?

    He's a hopeless romantic who just wants to find "the one."

  • Least favorite color?


  • Where they live now?

    The small fictional town of Kaste.

  • Fears or phobias?

    He's scared of fire.

  • Race, ethnicity and nationality?

    Half Caucasian/half Asian, English, English.

  • Music they listen to?

    His music taste is very eclectic. He'll listen to basically anything if he thinks it sounds good. You might find something from Queen on his phone, but you're just as likely to find something by Ke$ha.

  • Bad habits?

    He's addicted to sweets and sugary things.

  • Does their universe have a god?

    Many, but who's to say which are real, if any?

  • Kind of student if they attend/were to attend school? (e.g. class clown, straight A)

    He's very popular with both the students and staff and gets slightly above average grades.

  • Do ghosts or supernatural entities exist in their’ world?

    Yes, but they're not known about.

  • What is something other people assume about your character?

    He's a pushover.

  • Do they like the name they were given?


  • Addictions?

    Sweets and other sugary things.

  • Languages spoken

    One; English.

  • Siblings?

    He has a little sister named Izzy.

  • Wears jewelry?

    Yes. He always wears a rainbow bracelet. He also wears a shark tooth necklace sometimes.

  • Close friends?

    His best friend is a boy named Roland Phillips.

  • Do they stand up for what they believe in?


  • How much do they value money?

    A sane amount.

  • Wants to get married?


  • Wants to have kids, raise a family?


  • What's their one big kink?

    That would be telling.

  • Passive, agressive, or defensive?


  • Cat or dog person?


  • Are they ticklish?


  • Do they play any instruments?

    He's fairly good at the acoustic guitar.

  • Coke or Pepsi?


  • Hogwarts House


  • Favorite holiday?


  • Important people in their life

    His family, friends and his boyfriend Kosume.

  • Would they dare kill someone?


  • Involved with magic or witchcraft?


  • Body modifications? (Piercings, implants, tattoos etc.)

    None as of yet.

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