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Pluawalishina Kel

By Bela_Nightshade

Sad Plua (ft. Vennehashae)
  • Name

    Pluawalishina Kel   pron: Plue-ah-wuh-lee-she-nuh Kell

  • Age

    Earthen equivalent of around early 30's


  • Nickname

    Plua, Kel, Shina

  • Occupation

    Noble in the court of Tanneowithae Niq

  • Species


  • Gender


  • Significant Other

    one-sided with Tanneowithae Niq, one-sided with Xeybos

  • Physical Description

    lavender skin

  • Personality

    she's very low-key about everything. This leads everyone to trust her almost completely. This is to her advantage since it means no one suspects her of being the planetary abolitionist that keeps sabotaging the scientists goals by hiding and helping their prey

  • Fandom

    Chasing the Sun

  • Sexuality


  • Setting


  • Back Story

    Plua's family sent her to Tanny's home when she only around seven or eight years old. She grew up alongside the royal household as a noble, stuck in between the different classes. She and Tanny had a peculiar relationship, not quite friends but not quite enemies either. Plua respected Tanny, but Tanny saw Plua as little more than a replaceable companion. When Tanny took Plua on her yearly pilgrimage to Zumy's temple when Plua was seventeen, they both discovered what was happening to other planets for Larutara's sake. Tanny wasn't nearly as horrified as Plua was, and Plua tried to get Tanny to do something about the carnage. Tanny brushed her off, saying that as a royal, she had no say in what the council of scientists decided. Plua decided right then that she would help hide runaway planets and shelter those the scientists had turned to their cause. She approached Xeybos and offered her services once she was no longer living in the castle. Xeybos brushed her off at first, but eventually showed up at Plua's door a few months later, bleeding from cracks in her skin and half-dead from starvation.

  • Ongoing Story

    From that first night, she had begun a plan to stop the scientists, not telling Xeybos because she suspected why the planet was working for the scientists. Every once in a while, Xeybos would show up again for help, and Plua never turned her down, questioning her a bit more each time it happened. Eventually Xeybos trusted her enough to tell Plua her whole story, from killing the Narristani to protect Prion all the way to her most recent target of Uranus. Xeybos finally admits to having a friend right before going after Mercury, and Plua begins to put her plan into motion, sensing that the newest system will prove more difficult than other systems in the past. She houses the planets after Xeybos breaks free with them, then smuggles them off of Larutara and helps get them home, then continues secretly helping Xeybos and Prion stop the Harvesters.

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

    she is a skilled liar and manipulator, and plays up her trusting appearance to her benefit to gain her way into Shwilaikago's good graces, which helps her eventually stop him.
    Even though Tanny never really respected her, Plua still considered her enough of a friend that she would want to do most things for her. If Tanny had asked her point blank if she was committing treason by helping the planets, she would have admitted to everything, even though it would mean betraying Xeybos and the other planets she was helping.
    It's almost a non-reciprocated, pining situation
    She eventually gets over her love for Tanny, but instead falls for Xeybos. They have a one-night fling right before Prion returns, so Plua again gets her heart broken.


  • Pluawalishina Kel
    Sad Plua (ft. Vennehashae)


    The author is yet to answer any questions about this character.

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