😢 We recently moved charahub from Amazon Web Services to the Google Cloud, and during the transition some data was lost between Tuesday and Thursday. Unfortunately this data is non-recoverable, but we have added addition redundency to prevent it happening in the future. Any changes you make now will persist. We're sorry, and thank you for your patience.

Terms and Conditions (& some advice)

Charahub is a little site that can't afford a lawyer. So here's a few things to keep in mind while using the site:

  • Please don't upload anything illegal. Really, it just gives everyone a headache.
  • Also, no porn. Or anything that is really graphic and would make my mom squeamish.
  • We don't own anything that you upload. It all belongs to you, and if we want to use your property for advertising we will always ask for permission first.
  • If you upload copyright content and we're asked to remove it, we will.
  • Remember all your work is instantly public unless you use the privacy options.
  • We'll always try to keep the site running 24/7, but we certainly can't guarantee it and we're not legally responsible if it goes down.
  • We'll do our very best to take care of your work, but please make your own backups of your characters & images in case anything is ever lost.
  • We only issue refunds for subscriptions at our discretion.
  • Choose a good password, take care of it, don't tell anyone what it is (including us) and make it different from all your other passwords.
  • Please treat staff and other users as you'd wish to be treated.
Nuns at the seaside
Not my mother, but close. Keep that in mind.

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