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  • Cyn C Ainsworth
    Age: 27 (28 In January 2017)
    Roleplayer (Characters consist mostly of RP characters)
    If it isn't painfully obvious already, I -LOVE- animals. Humans were where I started, and then I branched off to Kemo's and Anthros, and now I dabble in Ferals as well.

    ALL Characters here are -mine-. You may not repost them, or use them for your own Roleplay purposes. You may not commission art of them without my permission, and you may not -tweak- the design and make it your own.

    ALL Art here is by myself, unless stated otherwise under the image. I always give credit where credit is due!

    In the case of 'adoptables' i sometimes throw up the original feral ref next to the head shots, those were not done by me, and will likely be removed once i have a proper image done.

    You may find more art on these sites:

    Most of my Anthro characters have been moved over to Toyhouse to keep things tidy here. you can view those here:


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Nyllumia 12 and

Friends Races 3

As the title says, a place i put races that belong to my friends

Silvestris Roleplay 124

My Roleplay characters for Silvestris, by far the most thought out and complex of my characters thus far.

Ferals/ Creatures 16

animal characters with no humanoid form

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