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  • All my characters are up for roleplay with fellow Eldemorians on Eldemore, with the single exception of my Eldsona Sachie. Just shoot me a PM on Eldemore!

    To do:
    - Finish Boomer's Backstory
    - Delwyn's Personality and Backstory
    - Reyhurn - needs new art and also updated info (*pokes*)
    - Ayal needs work too, but I need more lore first) *ignore awful picture*
    - Fidda - just Fidda
    - Rusa needs work
    - Eirian needs updated picture
    The rest of the stragglers


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Accidents of Asher 2

My Oriental Jaders

Random Character! 1

The Character for the Eldsona Creation Station

Minions of Oblivion 8

My human Eldemorians. Most are probably working for Sully in some capacity. Not all... Just most.

Blessed of Mythandian 1

My Elvian Eldemorians.

Packmates of the Wild 3

My Wolf-kin Eldemorians

Guardians of Gemstones 1

Golgem characters; Species created by KittyCatKita

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