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  • Greetings, I'm WHATiFGirl (or Guia, if you're able to pronounce my name). Doesn't really matter who I am. I'm just a cartoonist who like to draws and (hopefully)animate my own stuff that I wish to work on somewhere in the future.

    NOTE: There might be times I might do unexpected editing since all characters are still in development so do expect that a lot from me.

    NOTE #2: If you see (?) in the character profile, this may or may not apply to them.

    NOTE #3: If you have any questions regarding about my projects and the characters, please don't hesitate to ask me via Tumblr or deviantART.

    You can also find me at:


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The Good Ol' Days 8

A 90s themed animated voiceless shorts about a hobo and a thug trying to win a college girl’s heart.


A dark project (either animated series or comic form) about three travelers who were force to leave their homeland and find safety from a newfound parasitic diseases called Black Sludge. During their travel, news and related events seems to tie in between the newly incurable infection and a unknown organization who states to be planning “purifying” the world. [NOTE: Story and characters are still underdevelopment.]

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