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About me

  • I'm Guia Longasa (pen name WHATiFGirl). I'm a animator and cartoonist who is currently studying at The University of the Arts majoring in Animation. I'm very passionate when it comes to creating characters and stories. My dream goal is to one day publish my own animated series/film after I graduate… or whenever I feel that one of my projects is fully developed.

    NOTE #1: There might be times when I might update some to all info without warning. Since some characters are still developing. .

    NOTE #2: If you have any questions regarding about my projects and the characters, please don't hesitate to ask me via Tumblr, Twitter, or deviantART.

    You can also find me at:


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A Doods Life 2

A slice-of-life story of two unlikely yet somehow biological brothers living out their daily lives in Q’artwn.

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